How to Monitor Snapchat: Effective Methods for Parents

Importance of Monitoring Snapchat
Importance of Monitoring Snapchat

Learning how to monitor Snapchat can help you control your children’s activities on this application. Thanks to the delete feature, many people feel like they can post anything on Snapchat and get away with it.

If your child is on Snapchat, try to monitor their activities, and we will teach you how to do it in this post.

How to Monitor Snapchat as a Parent

To monitor Snapchat as a parent, register on mSpy online, pay a subscription fee, and download the application on your Android, Windows, or iOS device. Register the account with your details, and enter the credentials of the target device. And start monitoring their activities.

mSpy is an advanced software with many features that will let you know what your child is doing, regardless of location. Here is how to monitor my child’s Snapchat on iPhone or Android with mSpy:

– Buy the Subscription

Get a subscription from mSpy because this is a subscription-based app. Go to the official website, enter a valid email, and select the type of device you want to monitor – Android or iOS.

Select a plan/package based on what you can afford. This can be a one-month, three-month, or 12-month package.

Now, install the Snapchat monitoring app on the target device by following the instructions on the screen. If you wish to get advanced tracking features, jailbreak or root the target device. But you can use it without rooting or jailbreaking a phone.

– Receive a Confirmation Email

After the steps above, the mSpy team will send you a confirmation email. This email contains your password, username, and a link to the Control Panel. You need them to install the app and access your Control Panel.

Also, installing the mSpy app requires a registration code. Get this code on the screen that showed up when installing it for the first time. Alternatively, ask the mSpy support to you the code.

– Disable Play Protect

You cannot install mSpy on your device if Play Protect is enabled. So, you must disable it with the steps below:

  1. Launch Play Store. But first, ensure that the target device is charged, connected to the internet, and unlocked.
  2. Tap the profile icon or the three-line menu on the top left and tap Play Protect.
  3. Tap the cogwheel icon (Settings), tap the Scan apps with Play Protect, and tap Turn Off.

– Download the Installer and Install the App

Follow the steps below to get the installer on your device:

  1. Launch Chrome browser on the target device, paste the link provided in the wizard into the URL bar, and tap Go
  2. Tick the captcha security box and tap download
  3. Wait for a prompt to appear at the bottom of the screen. When it does, tap Open>Settings and select Allow from This Source.
  4. Go back, tap Next, wait for the download to complete, and tap open

Now, install the mSpy software on the target device with the steps below:

  1. Tap the Allow button on all popup messages to access the device’s data. Follow the wizard prompts and give all the required permissions for the mSpy software to work correctly.
  2. Type the registration code you got in the wizard in the previous steps
  3. Tap Complete Installation.

– Log in to mSpy

Once the app is on the device, restart it. Let your phone power on, and then find the app and go to the mSpy User Space. Tap on it, enter your sign-in credentials, and tap the Log In button to access the app.

This action will open the mSpy dashboard. This dashboard shows you the general status of the target device.

– Use the Snapchat Option

Go to the hamburger icon at the left corner of your screen. Click on it to unveil a menu list. Scroll through the list of items on this menu to find the Snapchat option. Tap/click the Snapchat button to start monitoring the Snapchat account of the target device.

Clicking the Snapchat option opens a tab displaying a summary and activities of the Snapchat account on the target device, starting with the most recent messages. When you click the profile icon, you can see their contacts.

– Monitor Specific Activities

mSpy is a parental monitoring app that can keep your child safe online on social platforms such as Snapchat, courtesy of its powerful tracking features. With mSpy, you can access call logs, messages, apps, media, website history, email, keylogs, and the Wi-Fi connection of the target device.

Furthermore, you can block specific websites and apps and remotely lock or wipe a device. Want to know how to track Snapchat conversations with mSpy? The app sends all the information from the target device’s Snapchat account to your dashboard.

You can see messages sent and received and calls made. Above all, you can open up an entire conversation and check the timestamp for each message. Apart from Snapchat, you can use this app to monitor other social media platforms like Messenger.

How to Monitor a Snapchat Account Secretly: 4 Powerful Apps

You can use eyeZy, Flexispy, or uMobix phone monitoring apps to monitor a Snapchat account of anyone. Each app has unique features to give you accurate information when monitoring Snapchat. For instance, eyeZy shows you the exact location on a map, while Flexispy filters conversations by phrases.

Let’s look at how to monitor Snapchat without them knowing with these applications.

– Using the eyeZy Tracking App

eyeZy tracking app is compatible with both iOS and Android devices. Its Snapchat Tracker feature lets you view all Snapchat messages posted remotely and discreetly. Furthermore, the app lets you capture and upload messages to its secure online dashboard for later reading.

Follow the steps below to use this app to monitor Snapchat:

  1. Create an Account: Go to the official eyeZy website and click the “Try Now” button. Enter a valid email or choose the “Continue with Google” option, accept the terms, and click the Continue button.

Select your device operating system – iPhone or Android, and choose a subscription plan (1, 3, or 12-month option). Click “Buy Now” to continue.

  1. Install eyeZy: Download and install the installer as described in the section above. This time get the installation software from the official eyeZy website.

You will get onscreen prompts to guide you through the process. Remember to give the needed permissions where needed.

  1. Start Tracking Snapchat: After installing the application, log in to access the Eyezy Dashboard. You will get all the information on the dashboard from your kid’s Snapchat account. Ideally, you can see who they are messaging and calling and the website links they visit.

The lower section of the dashboard has a map showing the live location and location history. This snap map can help you quickly locate your child.

The left side menu separates the different monitoring features. Clicking on any link gives you a breakdown of calendars, pictures, social media accounts, what they are typing, and so on.

– Flexispy Monitoring Software

For those looking for intricate details about their kid’s Snapchat activities, Flexispy might be the right app for you. But before using this application, you need to install it. Here is the procedure:

  1. Go to the official website, enter your email, and buy a package that suits you
  2. Get the installer, download the Flexispy apk, and install it on the target device. Follow the installation Wizard.
  3. Enter the activation code and select to either hide the app or not. Since you are downloading it on a target device, hide it.
  4. Log in to the Fexispy dashboard.

Once activated, Flexispy captures all the data and uploads it to your secure account. You can view SMS messages exchanged, contacts, and all call data. Additionally, you can use words or phrases to filter the conversations to see what your kid is chatting about. You’ll get an instant alert to your phone if a target keyword is used.

You also enjoy the benefits of the GPS locator and the Keylogger feature to track what your kid is typing.

– uMobix Monitoring Software

uMobix Snapchat Spying tool helps you track various target activities on a Snapchat account, such as GPS location and messages. However, the most significant advantage of this app is that it lets you monitor any Snapchat activity involving photos.

Other benefits you get from this parental control app are:

  • Social Media Monitoring: You can keep track of all chats on the target device on social media and other chatting platforms.
  • Keylogger: You can track each word your child types on Snapchat
  • Remote Access: You can access your kid’s Snapchat account anywhere. This feature gives you access to the microphone and camera

Follow the steps below to set up this parental control app on your device:

  1. Go to the uMobix official website and select the “TRY IT NOW” banner.
  2. Enter an email address, select your target device OS and follow the prompts to create an account.
  3. Get a confirmation email with a login URL, credentials of your uMobix account (username and password), and a Registration code.
  4. Log into your account,then follow the instructions on that page to install it fully.

For those who wish to master how to monitor Snapchat on iPhone for free, they should consider using the Account Info section of Snapchat. There are no free spy apps for that.


We have described how to use monitoring software to track your child’s Snapchat activities, such as text messages, screen time, and contact. Here are the crucial points:

  • All parental control apps allow parents to see what children do with their phones.
  • The best Snapchat secrets for parents is to get powerful and advanced software that offers curated Snapchat parental controls.
  • All apps are subscription based. You must buy the subscription before installing them on your device.

When tracking Snapchat, always use an app with advanced features like the ones described here.




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