How to Find a Lost Nintendo Switch: Four Quick Steps

Locate a Lost Nintendo Switch
Locate a Lost Nintendo Switch

Mastering how to find a lost Nintendo switch is not easy because the console does not have an inbuilt tracker. This makes it almost impossible to recover the Switch once you lose it. Nevertheless, Nintendo support offers a method to help you recover it.

How to Find a Lost Nintendo Switch

We will show you exactly how to find a lost Nintendo switch in your house or check if it is stolen. 

How to Locate a Lost Nintendo Switch? All You Need To Know

To locate your lost Switch, get its serial number and contact the customer support team at Nintendo. A team of experts will track the location of the Switch on your behalf. On top of that, you should also report this to the people in your surroundings for any leads.

– Step One: Be Sure Your Nintendo Switch Is Missing

You will only be sure that the Nintendo Console is missing when you cannot find it where you had laced it. If you feel you have misplaced it, you will need to retrace your steps to the last place you used it. Otherwise, consider your console lost. 

It is worth mentioning that Nintendo Console does not have an inbuilt tracker or a “find my switch app” like an iPhone that has a “Find Your Phone” feature. This can make it somewhat challenging to locate the Switch, but possible. So, if you are sure you have lost your Nintendo console, move to the next step. 

– Step Two: Get the Console’s Serial Number

If you have not written down the console’s serial number/identification number, you will need to find it. This is the only way to get your Nintendo console. 

Every Switch has a unique identification number, which shows that you are the owner. So, once you buy the Switch, it is good to jot down the number. This number is usually next to the USB type-C port. You can also get the identification number under the System settings. 

If you did not get this number before the console was stolen, you could get it on the box that housed the Nintendo Console. If all the above methods are unavailable, you can check your receipt or return to the shop where you bought your stolen Nintendo switch. The shop usually keeps a record of all sold consoles, and therefore, you can easily find the identification number. 

The shop will only need to cross-check the purchase from your bank card details to verify whether the device is yours. If you used someone else’s bank card, ensure they accompany you to the store for verification. 

– Step Three: Each Out to Customer Support

After you get your unique number, contact Nintendo’s customer support. The customer support team will use your console serial number to check the console’s online activities. While they may not directly find the Switch, they can tell you if someone else is using the Nintendo Console. 

Note that Nintendo keeps a log of all activities online once you connect the Switch to the internet. Therefore, when you track Nintendo Switch by serial number, you will be able to know the IP address and the location.

Each Out to Customer Support of Nintendo

The customer support team should tell you where to find the Nintendo console if someone recently connected it to the internet. The IP address specifies the city where the console is located.

Nintendo offers different contact information based on location. Thus, when you contact the support team, you get individualized help. 

– Step Four: Report to Authorities

With this information, you can record a statement with the police informing them about your stolen switch console. While filing the report, ensure that you give details of the console. This includes the color, size, special markings, or embossed initials. 

You must deactivate the Switch when you call the customer support team. This step will prevent the person who stole your Switch from charging games on your account. Also, it prevents the thief from accessing the Nintendo eShop on your account.

So, the sooner you do it, the better. Otherwise, you may end up paying exorbitant amounts for games you did not play. Furthermore, contact the credit card company that you had linked to the Nintendo account and tell them to cancel it and give you a new card.


How to Track a Lost Nintendo Switch With an Aftermarket Tracker

You can use an aftermarket tracker such as Tile Mate to locate the Lost Switch Console, especially when lost in your house. In this scenario, you will need to buy a powerful tracker and attach it to your Switch so that you can track it whenever it gets lost. 

Track a Lost Nintendo Switch

Nevertheless, is the general procedure on how to find a lost Nintendo switch lite in your house:

– Step One

Buy a powerful aftermarket tracker. This will help you track your Switch since it lacks the inbuilt tracker. Note that the trackers are small-sized and come at a relatively affordable price. Also, note that different trackers use different mechanisms to track your Switch. 

A Bluetooth tracker will suffice if you want to use them within your house. However, some have additional features, including phone apps. Furthermore, you can attach them to your everyday use items, including the Nintendo Console. 

– Step Two 

Attach the tracker to your Nintendo switch directly to use it. You can attach it on any part, provided it does not affect your user experience. So, find a suitable attachment method.

– Step Three

Download the mobile phone application – Android or iOS. Some advanced trackers can also support Alexa, Google Assistant, Siri, and other smart home options, making the entire process easy. 

– Step Four 

You will need your phone to set up the entire tracking mechanism. Here is how to find your Nintendo switch with your phone:

When you lose the Switch Console, you can use Voice Assistant to locate it. This option can quickly find your Switch if it is nearby and play a sound using these voice assistants.

If the Switch is further away, you can use the mobile app to locate it. Typically, the mobile application will tell you the most recent location of the Nintendo Switch. Once you know the location (within your house or elsewhere), you can quickly get it. 

But still, you can use the Bluetooth option. However, the Bluetooth option only works if the person having your Switch is nearby, i.e., at most ten meters away. However, powerful trackers allow up to 200 feet range. 

But some trackers have an additional feature that allows you to enlist the help of the support team if the device is further away by sending notifications to all users within Bluetooth range of your device.

How to Use a Switch Console to Find a Switch Controller?

You can use a switch console to find a switch controller by going into the settings. To use this feature, the missing controllers must have been previously paired with the Switch console you will be using. Again, your console must run on the latest system updates for flawless operation. 

Nonetheless, here is how to find a lost Nintendo switch controller using your Switch console:

  • Power on your Switch and go to the HOME Menu. 
  • Tap the Controllers option at the bottom of your screen and go to Find Controllers. In some versions, it will be “Search for controllers.”
  • If you have several controllers paired to your device, all of them will pop up. So tap on the Joy-Con of the Controllers you wish to find. 
  • Once you tap on the icon, your controller will start to vibrate. You should be able to locate it by determining where the vibration is coming from. You may not hear the vibrations if the controller is on a soft object such as a pillow or beneath clothing. Therefore, you should be very quiet during the search process. 

Sometimes the controller may not vibrate when they are too far from the Switch Console. Additionally, they may not vibrate if they are running on a low battery or the battery has run out. Above all, if the controller is not paired to the Switch Console you are using, it will not vibrate. So, ensure that you use a paired Switch Console. 

How to Use a Nintendo Controller to Find a Lost Console?

You can use the Joy-Con controllers or a paired wireless controller to locate a lost console by using the power button, as it will turn on the console automatically if the console is within the Bluetooth range. However, your console must be paired and have a charged battery. 

Also, the Bluetooth range of your device is very important. If your house is large, try the steps below in all the rooms:

  1. Push the home button on your wireless Nintendo controller. If the Switch is close by, it will turn on. 
  2. Press and hold the home/start button for approximately ten seconds. This move opens the Consoles Settings menu. 
  3. Next, push down the left joystick three times to bring up the volume bar on the same menu. 
  4. Adjust the volume of the Switch. You must hold the left joystick and drag it to the far right. If your Nintendo Switch console is close by, you will hear clicks of the volume change. 
  5. Continue pushing the joystick continuously to the right. Although the volume will be at the topmost point, the clicks that it generates will help you spot where your Switch is. 

This method is only effective if the Switch is nearby and is at an exposed surface. Otherwise, if it is on soft materials, the material may dampen the sound, making it harder to locate the console. Remember, the clicks are not too loud, so you need a relatively quiet environment to find the Switch. 

How to Find a Lost Switch Game on Nintendo? Most Efficient Method

You can find lost switch games on your Nintendo console by visiting the Nintendo eShop and assessing your account. Your game must be within the titles you previously downloaded. If the game is not installed in your library, you will get an option to download it again.

Find a Lost Switch Game on Nintendo

Here is how to find a lost Nintendo switch game:

  • Go to the Home Menu and tap to open the eShop icon. 
  • Tap the Menu option on the upper left side of your screen and scroll down to Settings/Other. Tap on it to open it. 
  • Go to the History section, tap Redownloadable Software, and choose Your Downloads. This unveils a list of games you had previously downloaded. 
  • Choose a game and follow the instructions to re-download it or update it. You need an internet connection to accomplish the download. 

If you have two or more Nintendo accounts, your Switch and eShop accounts might not show games such as Splatoon 3 (2022), Minecraft (2011), Fortnite (2017), etc. So check all your accounts to determine the one with the game you are looking for. 


In this post, we have elaborated on the procedure for finding a lost Switch console.

Here are the highlights:

  • You can request the Nintendo customer support team to help locate your lost Switch’s location, but you will need to give them the Switch’s serial number.
  • You can use a third-party tracker also. The trackers work in conjunction with your phone.
  • You can use a controller to find a lost switch and vice versa. In both cases, you will use the Joy-con feature. 
  • You can also lose your games, such as Nintendo switch sports (2022), animal crossing: new horizons (2020), and Pokémon scarlet and violet (2022). In this case, re-download them. 

These are the most critical steps to take when you lose your Nintendo switch. Apply them for the best outcome. 


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