How To Check Facebook Messages Without Messenger: The Complete Guide

Checking Facebook Texts with Your Browser
Checking Facebook Texts with Your Browser

How to check your Facebook messages without Messenger is a thought that has crossed all of our minds, probably more than one time. We are happy to say that this will no longer be a passing thought for you, as we compiled a complete guide to help you do that.

Check Facebook Messages Without MessengerYou can use this guide to learn about all the different options available to get into your Facebook texts without any third-party apps, whether you have access to the Messenger app.

Read on to learn the proper techniques, whether you are an IOS user or an Android person, because we’ve got you covered!

How To Check Facebook Messages Without Facebook Messenger

We can receive Facebook messages and look at them, without Messenger using different applications and methods:

  • Using the recent chats option to check messages
  • Reading chat messages by username
  • Using Instagram to dispatch Facebook messages
  • Using your mobile phone’s browser and the web application for Facebook

– Using the Recent Chats Option To Look At Facebook Messages

The first and easiest option to view Facebook texts is to use the messaging option within Facebook. You can easily check your Facebook Messenger Chat and even reply to your conversations without installing Facebook Messenger.

However, while the official Facebook application includes that option, you need to ensure that Facebook Messenger is not installed on your phone before trying this method with your Facebook account.

To begin this process and successfully open the recent messages option on Facebook, you need to start by uninstalling Facebook Messenger.

After this, go to Facebook and open the Messages icon by tapping on it. This is the same button you previously accessed on the Facebook Messenger App.

Using the Recent Chats OptionYou will see a ‘Get Messenger’ button as you click the Messages icon. If you click on this button, it will lead you to your app store, and to avoid that, look under the pop-up’s main button. You will see an option saying, “Go to Recent Chats.”

As you tap on it, the Facebook chat window will open in front of you, and you will be able to see all of your old and recent chats. You can view messages, delete messages or reply as per your preference.

In case someone is not included in your friend list and decides to send you a message, it will go to the Message Requests section. You can check this section quite easily by tapping on the settings icon in your main Facebook application and clicking on Message Requests.

– Reading Chat Messages by Username

Our second option is the possibility of having a conversation with any individual of your choice simply by looking up their usernames. It is possible to have a conversation with anyone and read messages when you are in the Facebook Application, not only those who recently sent you a message.

To look up a person’s username, simply search their name in the search bar.

To do this, look above the recent chats option, where you will find an option to conduct searches. You can search this bar for any friend you want to talk to. Once you have located their profile, make a tap, and you will be in a new chat window with your private chat ready to roll.

In all honesty, it does not get simpler than that. However, suppose you would like another method to look at Facebook texts. In that case, you can always open a user’s Facebook profile in Facebook, and you will see the message option directly below their username.

Make a single tap, and like before, you will have a chat window open on Facebook without any Messenger influence.

– Using Instagram to Dispatch Facebook Texts

You can also use the Instagram Direct Messages option to send text messages to your Facebook contacts if you still use Facebook to log into your Instagram. This is all possible because of the availability of Cross-App messaging.

Instagram Direct MessagesHowever, it is not the most flexible option as there are certain drawbacks. For instance, your Instagram messaging option won’t sync your old Facebook texts, and you will not be able to view them.

These problems might be solved in the future. For now, let’s head into the process of actually using this method.

To use this method, you will need to have the latest version of Instagram on your phone. If you already have the updated version of Instagram, you will see a pop-up screen that will have the message, “There’s a new way to message on Instagram.”

When you see it, go ahead and tap the “Update” option. Now, you will be asked to sync your profile name and your profile photo.

However, some users might decide against doing this, especially when they keep separate Facebook and Instagram accounts. You can choose to sync your details, or you can leave them out, depending on your preferences.

Once you are done with the sync stage, you will be done. Now, you can just tap on the direct messages icon, and as before, you can directly search for any Facebook profile. You will see a new section in your search results that will be titled Facebook Friends.

When you find your friend’s profile there, you can tap on their name, and you will be sent to a new chat window in the Instagram app. Using this chat window, which will look like an Instagram chat, you can send messages to Facebook friends using the Instagram App and get read receipts.

Checking Facebook Texts With Your Browser

You can also check your Facebook texts using your mobile browser and the web application for Facebook. It is also possible to open messenger in Chrome. If you are not in the idea of using cross-app messaging to send Facebook texts and you have a stable internet connection, this can be perfect for you.

To access this option faster, you can always create a bookmark, allowing you to return to it easily. While there is an option to use the Lite Messenger App for Android operators, no such option is available to iOS users.

However, using this method, you can dispatch Facebook texts to anyone, whether you are on an iOS device or an Android device.

– Android Users

To send Facebook messages on your Android phone using this method, you will need to start with opening the Facebook site on any web browser of your choice.

Messenger Android UsersAfter this, you can log in using your details. Suggested browsers that you can use include Chrome, Kiwi, or Firefox. Once you have opened Facebook on your browser, the process will be much easier as you do not need the app’s desktop version on an android version of the device.  All you need to do now is tap on the Messages icon, and from there, you can see every single one of your Facebook texts without needing any access to Facebook’s Messenger App.

Now that you are done with the main part of the method, it is important to add a shortcut to our solution, and you can do this easily by tapping on the three dots and then clicking on the option of “Add to home screen.”

A confirmation window will appear, and from there, you need to go to Add > Add Automatically. With this, you will have a complete shortcut to your Facebook texts on your Android Homescreen, and you can access these messages at any time with just one tap.

– iOS Users

If you are using this method on an iOS device or looking up how to check messages without Messenger on an iPhone, you will need the Safari App.

To begin, log in to the Facebook web application from your Safari Browser. Search the available options and select the one that says “Request Desktop Website.” Now, once you have that desktop site of your application open, you can tap on the Messages icon.

With this option enabled, you will be able to see all of your Facebook texts and reply to them. If you would like to go into the older Facebook texts from your account, you can always just tap See older messages.”

The next course of action is to create a bookmark to your Facebook Messages on your home screen, and in order to do that, you need to click on the share option, where you will find an option saying “Add to Home Screen.”

Once you click on that, your bookmark will be ready, and you will be able to find that bookmark on your iPhone screen.

If you want to check your Facebook texts instantly on your iPhone device or send messages, all you need to do is tap on that bookmark.


– What Is the Messenger Lite App?

The Lite Messenger App is an option that is only available to Android operators, and it can be defined most easily as a smaller or lite version of the main Facebook Messenger App.

It retains much of the functionality of its bigger counterpart, and it is a popular option for users who do not wish to install the large Messenger application. If you like a small app that does the job, the Lite Messenger app is a perfect specimen.

– Can You Read Facebook Messages From Your Email?

While this feature was available at one point in time, and your phone number and email had more value, it seems that Facebook has removed this feature altogether.

Facebook Messages EmailWhile previously you would receive an email from Facebook with the messages you received in your email; now you only get the notification that somebody has messaged you.

There are settings and options available in Facebook’s Messenger app to allow you to get notified by email if someone sends you a message. However, there is no available option to read the entire message on your email.

At one point in time, there was some functionality from Facebook that allowed us to reply to messages on Facebook. This option is also not available any longer.

– Is It Easy To Look At Facebook Messages Without Messenger?

It is quite simple to check your Facebook texts without Messenger, and the reason for that is that in this age, there are multiple options for doing that.

This means that if you find one option difficult for you, you might find another more suited to your needs. Either way, you should be able to check in on your Facebook texts without Messenger quite easily.


We have now looked at all the available options on how we can check our Facebook texts without Facebook Messenger, whether we are on an Android device or an iOS device.

Before we bid you adieu, let’s look into the main points that we have covered in these articles:

  • Cross-app messaging between Facebook and Instagram has made it easier for the average user to send Facebook message without using Messenger.
  • Lite Messenger is a popular alternative to Messenger as a lighter and more efficient application, but Android operators can only use it.
  • You can use the Facebook Web App option on iPhone and Android devices without issues.
  • If you uninstall Messenger, you can look at Facebook texts and reply to them directly from within the application.

With all these new tips and tricks up your sleeve, you will no longer need to worry about the dependency on Facebook’s official Messenger App holding you back.

We trust you will go forward with creating a bookmark or try out the Instagram cross-app messaging option as soon as you can; for that, we wish you the best of luck!


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