How Long Does It Take to Charge an iPad? Busting Myths

Know the Charging Time of An ipad
Know the Charging Time of An ipad

How long does it take to charge an iPad is a question commonly asked by iPad owners, especially those who bought an Apple device for the first time. 

How Long Does It Take to Charge an iPad

Some iPads are notorious for battery life, so it’s common to easily get about six hours plus on the device without hassles.

In this article, our review team gives you a clear idea of how long it takes to charge iPads, how long they last, and much more! 

How Long Will It Take to Charge an iPad? Covering all Possibilities

It will take around 3 hours to charge an iPad from a dead battery to a full one. This time varies depending upon the model of the iPad and also the charger you are using. This time is also affected if you use the iPad during the charging process

The iPad and all its variations are designed to take at most 3 hours to charge fully. While it’s true that the iPad has a reputation for long screen time, the 3 hours mentioned here apply to the highest-rated 20W charger. 

If you work up to six hours a day on your iPad, 3 hours of charge should be enough for all your needs. The fast-charging capability of the iPad transforms the whole charging process. For example, your iPad will charge in under 2 hours when you use fast charging. 

We will look at different iPad models, their charger types, and how long it takes to charge them. We will compare how long it takes for the iPad to go from 0 to 100 using different chargers

Since the iPad Pro supports fast charging, we have also included speed from the 30W USB-C adapter. 

– Classic iPad Model

Charging Time of Classic iPad Model

  • The 10W USB power adapter: This charger delivers up to 4 hours of charging time. 
  • 12W USB power adapter: You get up to 3 hours and 45 minutes with this charger. 
  • 18W USB-C power adapter: This charger delivers about 3 hours and 20 minutes of charging time. 
  • 20W USB-C power adapter: The iPad charges for about 2 hours and 45 minutes. 
  • 30W USB-C power adapter (fast charging): The iPad’s classic model doesn’t have fast charging capacities. 

– IPad Mini Model

  • The 10W USB power adapter: The 10W USB adapter delivers 2 hours and 50 minutes of charging time. 
  • 12W USB power adapter: Brace up for 2 hours and 30 minutes using this charger. 
  • 18W USB-C power adapter: It will take only 1 hour and 50 minutes to get a full charge with this charger. 
  • 20W USB-C power adapter: 1 hour 20 minutes max delivers fill battery percentage. 
  • 30W USB-C power adapter (fast charging): Like the classic iPad model, the iPad Mini does not have fast charging capabilities. 

– iPad Air

iPad Air Charging Hour

  • The 10W USB power adapter: With the 10W charger, expect to charge your device for as long as 4 hours and 10 minutes. 
  • 12W USB power adapter: 3 hours and 50 minutes is what it takes to get a full charge with this adapter. 
  • 18W USB-C power adapter: It takes roughly 3 hours and 10 minutes to hit full capacity with this adapter. 
  • 20W USB-C power adapter: This adapter takes you closer to the average iPad charging time with its 2 hours 40 minutes time frame. 
  • 30W USB-C power adapter (fast charging): The iPad Mini does not have fast charging capabilities like the classic iPad model. 

– iPad Pro

  • The 10W USB power adapter: This adapter delivers 5 hours of charging time on the iPad Pro. That’s if you need your iPad for work most of the time. 
  • 12W USB power adapter: 4 hours and 20 minutes are what you get with this 18W power adapter. 
  • 18W USB-C power adapter: This adapter takes roughly 3 hours and 10 minutes to reach full capacity. 
  • 20W USB-C power adapter: 3 hours of charging time gives you a full battery. 
  • 30W USB-C power adapter (fast charging): With fast charging capabilities, you can gain full battery capacity within 2 hours and 40 minutes. 

How Long Must You Charge a New iPad?

You must charge a new iPad only as long as its battery percentage starts showing 100 percent. Secondly, please note this should only happen after draining the battery charging that comes from the factory with the iPad. Charging an already charged device will cause damage.

Many iPad owners ask this question before making a purchase. You are in the right place if you’re also wondering how long it takes to charge a new iPad

When you buy an iPad, open the box, and put it on your device, you will likely see an almost fully charged device. The battery mostly reads 95% plus. Still, you must charge your iPad, especially if you desire a certain battery level. 

From the brief explanations above, a 20W USB-C power adapter is enough to charge your iPad for an average of 3 hours, from 0 to 100%.

– The Misconceptions

Some people believe that an iPad bagger should be used or drained down to 0% before charging it for the first time. This misconception couldn’t be any further from the truth. 

The Misconceptions of iPad Charging

That’s an old myth; you do not have to drain 0%. Perhaps that was an old requirement, but now, plug in the charger whenever you need it and charge your battery to your preferred percentage. 

Another misconception is that you could overcharge your iPad, potentially affecting it. That’s also not true. Thanks to new technology with built-in protection, don’t worry about overcharging your iPad.

How Can You Stop Your iPad Battery From Draining Fast? 

You can stop your iPad’s battery from draining fast by turning off features that consume battery while not using them. Closing the background running apps is also a great way to save the battery from draining. Auto-lock serves as an automatic battery saver, so turning it on is also beneficial.

IPads, iPhones, and other devices will always consume more energy when turned on than when off. These devices have to perform several tasks, including powering up (flashing the display) and powering down (initiating sleep mode). As a result, the battery keeps draining.

Use the following measure to stop your iPad battery from draining, whether in use or not. 

– Turn Off Features You Don’t Use When on Standby 

No matter how useful some features are, you should turn them off when not in use. Your Wi-Fi, AirDrop, and Bluetooth are examples of such features, and they can drain your iPad to a significant level. Turn them off from the Control Center. 

– Close Running Background Apps 

Some apps never stop running and can affect your iPad’s battery life or cause your device to heat up.

Close Running Background Apps

Save your iPad’s energy by enabling “Force All Running Apps” in the General settings. When you do that, it will keep the apps running until you close them.

– Stop Sharing Analytical Data 

Sharing the analytics data of your iPad sends all your data, including location information, over Wi-Fi and 3G/4G connections to Apple.

While this sounds good, it can drain your battery little by little. Turn it off from Settings. 

– Turn On Your Auto-Lock

Auto-lock is always an excellent way to save energy on your iPad. If you’re not using your iPad, turn it off by pressing the Sleep/Wake button and sliding the yellow slider to the left.

This will stop your iPad from draining energy when sitting idle throughout the day.


1. How Long Will It Take Your iPad to Charge From Dead or 100 Percent?

It will only take about 4 hours to charge your iPad from dead to 100 percent. The best way to charge an iPad is using a 10W to 12W wall adapter. But charging your iPad via a USB port on a computer will take longer than 4 hours.

2. Why do iPads Take So Long to Charge?

iPads take so long to charge when you are using a charger that is not appropriate for your iPad. But with a 20W USB-C charger, you can charge your Apple iPad Pro in under 2 hours. The charge time will be faster if it’s iPad Air Mini than a regular iPad.

3. Do You Have to Charge Your iPad to 100%? 

No, you don’t have to charge your iPad to 100%. It would be best if you charged your iPad whenever and for as long as possible. Additionally, you don’t have to let the device drain completely before charging it. Even if you do, do not make it a regular thing. 

Conversely, you can immediately remove it from the power source before your iPad reaches 100%. 

4. Can You Turn On Fast Charging on Your Old iPad? 

No, you cannot turn on fast charging on your old iPad. But if you have a 30W+ power adapter that supports fast charging, your iPad will automatically start charging faster than normal. But if it doesn’t, expect your iPad to revert to its normal speed. 

Further, your iPad will not come with a fast charger in the box. You have to get a 30W charger separately. But you can use other high-wattage chargers from third-party brands to boost your iPad’s charging speed. But in the long run, such chargers affect your battery health.

4. Will Every iPad Support Fast Charging? 

No, not every iPad supports fast charging. Apple did not create every iPad to support fast charging. Also, only later generations (2018+) of iPad devices support fast charging. Old generations of iPads do not support fast charging at all, just like older iPhones.

Note that there is no formula to determine if your iPad is fast charging. You can only manually compare an iPad’s charging times to others based on how long it takes to charge your device. 


Thanks to its long battery life and features, the iPad is worth having. Through our article, you have understood how long it takes to charge the iPad, so let’s summarize the points that perfectly answer the question, “how long does it take to charge an iPad“: 

  • The iPad generally has an average charging time of 3 hours.
  • Depending on the charger, you might gain a full battery charge in under 2 hours.
  • IPads do not have an in-built fast-charging capacity. Instead, some chargers like the 30W will charge your iPad faster than average power adapters.
  • You can charge your new iPad to your preferred level regardless of misconceptions.
  • You can take specific measures to prevent your iPad battery from draining quickly, including turning off background apps and analytical data. 

Now you know how long it takes to charge your Apple iPad. Depending on what you want one for, you can always get a power adapter that helps you achieve a full battery any time you need it.


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