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Perhaps you are passionate about gaming, or you simply would like to own a top-performing Topre keyboard for your programming and typing tasks. Searching for the best model can be quite tasking, even though there are a limited number of Topre gaming keyboards.

Best Topre Keyboards Tips

We’ve compiled the four best mechanical keyboards with Topre switches, to assist you in making the best decision.

Keyboard Happy Hacking Topre Realforce 82ub Realforce R2 PFU Seasonic Topre Realforce RGB AEAX101
Dimensions 12.8 x 5.8 x 2.2 inches 16.22 x 9.06 x 2.28 inches 18 x 5.6 x 1.2 inches 1.2 x 5.6 x 17.9 inches
Top Features
  • Compact
  • Highly programmable
  • PBT keycaps
  • Less noisy
  • Compact build
  • Durable case
  • Sleek design


  • Durable
  • Produces less noise
  • Attractive build
  • Tactile
  • RGB lighting
  • Supports the use of customized keycaps

4 Best Topre Keyboards as of 2020

Improving your gaming and typing experience require that you get the best mechanical keyboards available. For easier typing, you would need the best Topre mechanical keyboard.

These keyboards are one of the top choices by various mechanical keyboard users, as their size, weight, and in some cases, their backlighting are just perfect for different tasks.
Thanks to their electrostatic and capacitive switches, these keyboards work better than the regular models and offer increased tactility with lesser noise while typing.

We’ve set up a list of four best Topre keyboards that are capable of enhancing your typing speed and accuracy.

1. Happy Hacking Keyboard


• Highly durable
• Minimalistic and compact
• Highly programmable
• PBT keycaps


• Lacks dedicated keys and metal backplate
• Low powered USB drives

This happy hacking keyboard is made of plastic and is lightweight. It has a fantastic design that comes with two rubber feet at the bottom and “flip-out” feet with two varying angles.

The keyboard comes equipped with two USB drives for easy connection to a mouse or other USB ports. It is, however, essential to note that you won’t be able to connect a headset to the ports since the available USB is low powered.

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The unique appearance of the keyboard allows a smooth movement across various keys, hence reducing typing fatigue. The keys are of PBT materials, and the dye prints barely fade away.

The keyboard comes with six very functional DIP switches. You can learn about the function of the DIP switches from the explanation at the keyboard’s bottom.

  • Bottom line

Do you want the best Topre keyboard for a better experience? The unique ergonomics of this Topre switch keyboard can help you to type faster. Also, the keys allow a smooth feeling and reduce finger fatigue which can occur when typing for a long time.

2. Topre Realforce 82ub


• Long-lasting
• Strong keyboard case
• Compact
• Less noise


• Difficulty in reading characters in a poorly lit environment
• No dedicated media keys

The Topre Realforce 82ub is a unique Topre keyboard with a dimension of 16.22 x 9.06 x 2.28 inches. Although it does not come with number pads, it is suitable for those in need of a smaller mechanical keyboard for their tasks.

It can fit comfortably on your desk and comes with a well-built structure that guarantees longevity. Also, the Topre switches on the keyboard ensure that you can type quietly and minimize typing errors.

The keyboard also comes with a keycap puller made of metal, as well as two additional keycaps. The rubber feet beneath the keyboard keep it in a firm and steady position on any surface.

Although the cables are not detachable, they have a length of about 5.25ft. Also, this connection cord has three runs: right, left, and center.

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  • Bottom line

The Realforce 82ub comes with a lot of useful features, including a compact design, USB-C cable, and best-in-class Topre switches. If you need a keyboard to fit into a smaller space without disrupting ease of use and efficiency, this keyboard is likely the best option.

3. Realforce R2 PFU Keyboard


• Prevents typographical errors
• Has a compact structure
• Less noise
• Very attractive


• Not entirely programmable
• Connection cables are not detachable

This mechanical keyboard provides a tactile feeling and ensures a faster typing. It weighs 45g, and the keycaps, including the spacebar, are made of PBT plastics.

Also, it comes with a 2.0 USB port and has a connection cable that measures 1.7m in length. The inscriptions on the keys are made with a long-lasting dye that barely fades.

It has a dimension of 18 x 5.6 x 1.2 inches and has an adjustment option for comfortable typing. The silent keys on this keyboard help reduce the noise while you type. The Topre switches are durable, hence, you can rest assured that they will last long. Furthermore, you can customize each Topre keys based on your needs.

With the Activation Point Changer, you can make some keys faster, especially those you use frequently. Also, for some keypads you barely make use of, you can reduce their responsive speed.

Generally, the lifetime of these keys is long, as they are trusted to withstand more than 5o million keystrokes.

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  • Bottom line

This keyboard is worth its price, as it comes in a compact layout which makes for an overall excellent user experience. Also, the rubber feet that come with it can help strengthen the grip on your desk.

4. Seasonic Topre Realforce RGB AEAX101 Keyboard


• Tactile
• Supports the use of customized keycaps
• RGB lighting


• The RGB software is not customizable
• It is quite heavy compared to other Topre keyboards

The Seasonic Topre Realforce RGB AEAX01 keyboard is USB wired and as 108 keys. With this keyboard, you can increase your typing accuracy by 25% while increasing your typing efficiency.

It comes with fantastic keycaps that produce less noise as you type. However, you can also add some extra keycaps if you are looking to customize your device. This keyboard has a dimension of 1.2 x 5.6 x 17.9 inches. It also comes with a long non-braided connection cable.

Please note that there are no dedicated keys for media options on this keyboard, but you can efficiently use the arrow. The Actuation Point Charger (ACP) allows you to select and maximize sensitive actions. It also enables the settings of individual keys according to the need of users for a more comfortable typing experience.

The keys light individually, and this keyboard has a color spectrum of up to 16.8 million. There are three lighting levels, and you can set the lighting level to the most suitable one.

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  • Bottom line

Aside from the many benefits this keyboard provides, its intuitive RGB feature has an aesthetic appeal, as each key emits light. You can use this mechanical keyboard even in poorly lit places.

Tips for Choosing the Best Topre Keyboards

Mechanical keyboards are great for gaming and typing and work well compared to regular keyboards. They usually come with various features that are very useful.

Hence, it is reasonable to have some doubts when making your choice, as some of these Topre gaming keyboards work better than the others.

You wouldn’t want to make the wrong choices, and looking out for the smooth keys and backlighting is not enough. There are more areas to look out for when choosing your Topre mechanical keyboard. Here are some useful tips which can help you make the right choice.

– Ensure You Choose a Keyboard with Tactile Keys:

The noise that comes from typing can be quite annoying and disturbing to the ears. These sets of keyboards have clicky keys. Once you click the keys, you would hear an audible sound. Hence, in choosing a Topre keyboard, you must go for those with increased tactility.

Although most available Topre keyboards come with increased tactility, tactile Keys provide fewer sounds on clicks. This feature would ensure less noise occurs while you type. Such mechanical keyboards can be very suitable for a gaming environment.

– Take a Look at the Keycaps’ Material:

This is an important aspect you shouldn’t overlook. Most mechanical keycaps are of either Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS) or Polybutylene Terephthalate (PBT) materials. These plastic materials are very different, as one is thinner and the other is thicker.

The ABS is thinner plastic materials, and keyboards with such keypads can produce noisy sounds during typing. The PBS plastic material is thicker, and the colors do not fade quickly. PBS keycaps are less likely to make noise. Hence, it is better to choose keyboards with PBS keys. There are several available Topre keyboards with PBS keys.

– Keyboards with Backlighting Are Preferable:

Topre keyboard backlightHaving a keyboard that emits light can be quite useful, primarily when you use it in a poorly lit environment. If you would be typing in an area with less light or using the keyboard in a dark gaming room, you should consider getting those with the backlight feature.

Not all keyboards have this backlight feature. However, those mechanical keyboards with backlight come in various types.

Some have keys which emit light individually. Even amongst the backlighting Topre keyboards, some emit RGB lights while others emit the LED lights. You can find some Topre mechanical keyboards that emit multicolor lights.

In choosing, pick those whose keys light up individually. Furthermore, some of these keyboards have different levels of lights, and you can quickly reduce or increase the backlights whenever you wish. You can consider this feature as well.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why should I consider Topre keyboards?

The Topre switches are quite comfortable for typing, as they feel smooth and ensure faster typing.

2. Are Topre switches noisy?

Topre keyboards are not noisy, and that is one of the top reasons most people go for them. Hence, you can enjoy your typing without disturbing your ears with any noise from the keyboard.

3. Do all Topre keyboards have the backlighting feature?

Currently, not all Topre keyboards have the backlighting feature. Despite this, a lot of those which lack backlights still perform well. However, those that have them are unique, with some keyboards having keys that light up individually.

Final Thoughts

Undoubtedly, Topre keyboards are truly in a class of their own, especially when it comes to their top-notch switches, unique design, and low noise.

From the Happy Hacking Keyboard to the Topre Realforce 82ub and Realforce RGB, these keyboards come equipped with the best Topre switches for an exceptional gaming, typing, and programming experience.

They perform excellently, and we think they will be worth your while if you give them a shot.


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