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Illuminated Keyboard

The fact that the GMK Olivia is rare and probably still relatively new does not take anything from it, especially when it comes to performance, durability, and convenience.
GMK Olivia Keyboard ReviewThe keyboard boasts a lot of features, including great kits, sets, and keycaps to boot. It comes styled in the kind of materials that means business for gaming enthusiasts who want something to beat the competition.

Please take a look at our review to get more information about how it works.

GMK Olivia Keyboard Specifications Table

Olivia Specifications  
Brand GMK
Profile Cherry
Materials ABS
Colors Multi
Switches Any
Legends Doubleshot
Base kits Present

GMK Olivia Review: Complete Analysis

GMK Olivia Key Criteria
Switch Types
Keystroke Sensitivity
Strong and long-lasting
Exotic appearance
Compatible with Cherry MX and clones
Cool layout
Hard to find

Getting a GMK keyboard or set is not an easy proposition, so don’t expect the Olivia to be different. However, it makes for quite the keyboard whether you’re into coding, typing, or gaming. That is because it boasts excellent and appealing colors to make the keyboard worth the look.

If you love custom keycaps, you’ll find that these don’t need many changes to them because of their presentable make. As such, build a computer rig with quality parts won’t take much of your time.

Further, the GMK brand has a profile that’s worth considering. In line with that, the Cherry Profile in the Olivia keyboard boasts the kind of functionality you’d expect. You can use the Cherry MX switches or other MX clones to get any performance you want to.

Then there’s also the fact that it comes styled in legends and different colors that add beauty to the keyboard.

Legends are Doubleshot too, as very cool and sleek alphas follow them. As such, you get real value for money only from it being well designed. Again, you can make do with the necessary modifiers to get the best results you want, along with the choice of altering your colors.

Having a good layout is a requirement for any keyboard. This particular GMK has just the one you need and comes with different base kits to choose from. Keycaps are also of the highest-caliber ABS plastic, which is still strong enough.

ABS does seem weak but not here on this GMK keyboard. It’s just as strong as PBT, and many people will find that it is strong and durable for the long-term.

Bottom Line

A GMK mechanical keyboard like Olivia is an excellent companion to have for users who perform many functions on their computers. The keysets, base kits, legends, profile, and other specs make it worth all the money you pay for it.

GMK Olivia Specifications and Features: Breakdown


First, the GMK Olivia specs feature a great layout and offer a fantastic set overall. It arrives with different base kits you can choose from. Not many keyboards will show that much flexibility or even a single one that’s as reliable. These base kits are present to help you maximize the appeal and functionality of the set before you.

Further, the keys have the standard numbered set you’d hope for. Since you’re required to pay a steep amount of money for any GMK available, having it last for a long duration is a primary requirement for any user.

That is why this particular set comes with handy parts you can easily swap at the aftermarket. Besides, you can still get value for the keyboard if you decide to sell it for a different one.

The Olivia keyboard also comes with modifiers that give it a nice look and quality. If you’ve used keyboards for some time, then you’d know that GMK has products that boast the best capabilities no matter which you pick.

Even if the Cherry profile will take some time getting used to, it is worth having for different purposes, including gaming and typing. You can also use it to code and program.

Everything needed for ample support is present on this keyboard. As such, all the comfort to do your best is available. Thanks to a layout that has a combination of beauty and capacity.


Like all GMK keyboards, the sound of the Olivia is good. Having a keyboard with ABS might not be your most preferred choice for materials. However, we mentioned that GMK uses only the best quality ABS plastic material.

That means you won’t have an issue with the sound, even if it contrasts with its PBT counterparts. Keypresses are cool too. Also, the sounding caps are not loud like other mechanical keyboards. It’s just appropriate.

Using the keys produces good pitched sounds overall. Since you don’t have to bottom out entirely, you get something soft and pleasant to the ears, and hopefully, those around you. It’s a sound that’s consistent with time.


The GMK Olivia key has a quality you might scoff at first, but there’s no reason to believe that they’re not great. Besides, they have a thickness of 1.5mm, which means there’s hardly a complaint about how strong they are.

These keycaps are powerful units even though they’re ABS plastics. In comparison to other products in the GMK line, they closely measure up to PBT plastics. You’ll get good strength and comfort, and durability for the value you pay for.

The keycaps here also come with a pleasant finish to them, just like we mentioned. That way, you get to have some glossy shine even when you use them in a well-lit environment. The light covers all the keycaps, too, so you can have that feature from all angles of the keyboard.

The texture is another thing. Users get to experience a great feeling with a surface built to give them comfort with each keypress.

Further, your fingers will rest nicely on each key, whatever the function you put it through.

Overall, it is our opinion that this keyboard is a great tool. Sure, you might want PBT, but we think having the very best of ABS plastic fits the bill even if you are a heavy-set user.

Doubleshot ABS Construction

We already mentioned that the keycaps are ABS plastic. However, they are also Doubleshot injected. In line with that, the legends won’t fade even after a long time. With these keysets, you have the consummate quality that won’t slack any time soon.

Whether you write or code, legends are important considerations with the beautiful appeal they give to your keyboard.

Cherry MX Switches and Clones

Every computer user needs a responsive and reliable keyboard to complete a great rig. A right keyboard is a necessary gear when you dive into the latest games like battleground royale, legendary MOBAs, and a host of other functions and competitive environment.

We also have to mention that executing other tasks like coding and typing documents is a good fit for the best keyboards. However, these functions will make a difference only when you have the best switches underneath your keycaps.

The Olivia keysets from GMK come complete with an enabling system that takes just about any key switch as such Cherry MX switches and other MX clones work with this keyboard.

For example, you can use Kailh or any other new-generation clones for your keyboard.

It’s all about your preferences. Even though Cherry MX offers prime reactivity and durability, other clones can outdo them.

Further, depending on the key switch, you’ll an audible or quiet experience accordingly. A keyboard responding quickly with each press will ultimately provide greater comfort without wearing your joints out.

Cherry Keycap Profile

GMK is a German brand. As such, the Olivia comes sculpted in a German-designed Cherry profile. We mentioned above that the keycaps provide a comfortable feel for programmers, writers, and gamers.

The keycaps will fit on Cherry MX stems, any clones, and new key switch types for compatibility.

Cherry profiles are usually less available. As such, they’re very much in demand. They have a unique look because they’re shorter than most common keycap profiles. However, they’re mostly thick, and the keypresses are so good to the touch.

The size of the keycaps is also ideal for programming, playing games, and typing. Overall, this GMK presents a comfortable keycap profile with pleasant feelings when compared to other profiles. In addition, thick ABS plastic does give off a good sound when pressing the keys.

Base Kits

This GMK product comes with different base kits you can choose from. Whatever you settle for, you can use to with modifiers to further enhance your experience. They also come with colors you have the fun to choose from or change with aftermarket considerations.

The base kits here will also appeal to many keyboard types, including 60%, TKL, WKL, Fullsize, 65%, 75%, HHKB-style keyboards, and the CP. Besides, the base kits in use with the Olivia keyboard have ISO Enter built-in as well.

Olivia Keyboard Quality

It’s important to note that imperfections seldom exist in a GMK product. That makes Olivia keyboard a quality go-to product for ready users. Besides, you should know that a stock keyboard should have caps that are ordinarily strong and durable.

However, the ABS plastic, even though thin on other keyboards, is a strong presence here. If you find them odd, you can insert upgrades. The shine you get after a while won’t give you issues, though. You can also have them changed at the aftermarket.

GMK has the famed German efficiency, making its high-end keycaps out of a thick ABS. However, this doesn’t stop it from being one of the most in-demand keyboards on the market.

One of the most popular reasons for using ABS is that it allows your keyboard to have no warping and little imperfections. Besides, you gain a lot of positives with colors that pop better and moderate sounds.

Typing on the Olivia Keyboard

Whether you use the GMK Olivia plus variety or any other, it’s pleasant to the touch. To that end, if you love typing or doing other stuff like coding, pressing the keycaps is a delight. Having a Cherry profile does help too.

With that, this keyboard gives you a functional performance when you get to work. The Olivia keyboard has a good layout and, like other GMK products, has cylindrical-shaped keycaps. As a result, it’s easier to move between rows of keywords.

Users will enjoy going through many documents with a short and accurate typing experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is PBT better than ABS?

As a whole, many reviews give the impression that PBT plastic is the best of the two. Well, that’s not the case overall. That is because the ABS plastic used on some products, including the Olivia keyboard, is robust. You won’t have issues with warps too.

Can I stop my GMK keycaps from shining?

You can’t. That means you have to get used to it. However, a quick solution is to buy more GMK sets for ready replacement. That way, you can rotate them regularly and delay the shines from dominating the keycaps.

Further, note that all caps will shine, whether they come made with plastic ABS or PBT plastics. The only difference is that ABS gets there in a shorter time.

Why are GMK keycaps so expensive?

GMK keycaps will usually fetch a healthy price considering what they pack. Besides, they are often more expensive than the keyboard itself.

Not to mention, if you look for an aftermarket set, you can expect to pay additional sums to get them. What you pay depends on the popularity and availability of that specific set.


Keyboard users have often stated the fact that GMK keyboards are expensive. However, we think that they are worth the price. They will offer high-quality, and that means you will have to part with more to get them.

We will recommend the Olivia Keyboard for its qualities. It’s a set you can use for a plethora of activities, and you can rest assured that they will last long.


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