System Monitor for Win9x


The System Monitor is a program which allows you to view a wide variety of system resources.
This can help with problem or performance determination on a local or remote computer.

To Install the System Monitor

1. Open up the Control Panel
2. Double-click on the Add/Remove Programs icon.
3. Click on the Windows Setup tab
4. Double click on Accessories
5. Check System Monitor
6. Click on OK



Using the System Monitor

To start System Monitor, run SYSMON.EXE. It is located in your Windows directory.

To add items you can monitor

1. Select Edit / Add
2. Select the Category and Item you want to monitor.
To select more than one Item in a Category, hold the Ctrl key while you select with the mouse button.
When you a finished, click on the OK button.
Sysmon 1

Changing the View

You can change the view of your chart to one of three types:
Line, Bar or Numeric Charts.

Line Chart
Sysmon 2
Bar Chart
Sysmon 3
Numeric Chart
Sysmon 4

List of Categories

The following is a list of the Categories you can choose from. Within each one are numerous items.

  • File System
  • Kernel
  • Memory Manager
  • Microsoft Network Client
  • Microsoft Network Server
  • IPX/SPX Compatible Protocol
  • Microsoft Client for Netware

To change the Update Frequency:
Select Options / Chart and move the slider bar.

You can also monitor the performance of remote computers on a LAN.
See the section Remote Administration for the details.


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