WindowsXP Remote Desktop Host

The following page details the steps necessary to create a WindowsXP Remote Desktop Connection

Remote Desktop allows you to take control of another computer on your local network or across the Internet

Configuring the XP Remote HOST

1. On the XP Host, right click on My Computer / Properties
2. Click on the Remote tab
3. Check Allow users to connect remotely to this computer


Changing the Default Port for the Host

1.If you have more than one computer on your LAN that you want to access remotely over the Internet, they both can’t be using the same default port of 3389.2.Start Registry Editor.3.Go to:


On the right side, scroll down and right click on PortNumber


Select Modify


Click on Decimal


Enter in the new port number you want to use.8.This new port number would also need to be configured on the router to map to the local computer’s LAN IP address


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