Adding a Network Printer With WindowsXP


Below are some of the details in how to add a network printer to a WindowsXP Workstation.
These instructions assume you already have a properly configured and functioning network.
1. Click on Start / Settings / Control Panel
2. Click on the Printers and Faxes icon
3. Click on the Add Printer icon
4. Click on the Next button
5. Check A network printer, or a printer attached to another computer
6. Click on the Next button
Then there are two easy ways to connect to a network printer, Browsing or Manually entering in the computer and printer share name

Browsing for a Printer

1. Check Browse for a printer
2. Click on Next
3. The list of available printers available on the network comes up after a few seconds
4. Click + by the computer that has the printer share. In the example it is DAD
5. Select the printer you want to connect to. In the example it is CanonS60

Entering in the Printer Name Manually

1. Select Connect to this printer and specific the computer and enter in the printer and share name
2. In the example I manually entered \\dad\Canon S600
3. Click on the Next button

Continuing With Either Choice

1. Then for either choice, if prompted to download drivers click on Yes
2. Select whether you want this as the default printer or not.
3. Click on Next
4. Click on Finish


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