Windows8 Task Manager


Windows8 has a new Task Manager in both look and funcationality

1. You can get to the Tak Manager several different ways
2. One is by pressing Ctrl-Shift-Esc keys. This is similar to how you would have done it with previous operating systems.
3. You can also use Win+X  then  select Task Manager
4. One thing you will notice is that the Task Manager initially has a much simpler screen.
5. This makes it much easier to do what it likely the most common reason for using the Task Manager and that is to End a task.
6. To do that, simply highlight the task and click on the End task button
7. If you want to see more information, click on More details at the bottom of the screen.
8. This will group processes into different sections

  1. Apps
  2. Background Processes
  3. Windows Processes
9. Another nice feature of the new Task Manager is that you can see more detail about a particular service or application. For example, with the Windows7 Task Manager, all you would see is svchost. With the Windows8 Task Manager, you can click on the arrow to expand that section to see what is actually running for that application or service.
10. The new Task Manager is also where you can control your Startup Programs. Clicking on the Startup tab will show all the applications that are starting automatically.
11. To Disable one from starting, as well as leave it in the list in case you change your mind, simply highlight the application and click on the Disable button at the bottom right corner of the window.
12 You can also look at what Services are on the computer as well as stop or start them. Click on the Servces tab.
13. To Start or Stop a Service, right click on the one you want to change and select the option.



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