Windows 7 Virtual Hard Drive

With Windows 7’s Virtual Hard Drive, you can create disk images without the need for 3rd party programs like Windows Virtual PC

1. Right click on My Computer
2. Select Manage
3. Select Disk Managment
4. Click on Action / Create VHD
5. Set the Location, Size and Type of Virtual Hard drive you want to create
6. This simple creates the file that will be used for your Virtual Hard Drive
7. To attach to that file, click on Action / Attach VHD, and Browse to the file you just created
8. To initialize the disk, right click on the appropriate  Disk # and select Initialize Disk
9. Confirm the Disk # and select the style you want
10. From here you can format the drive as you would a regular hard drive
11. Right click on the Unallocated space and select New Simple Volume. Assign the size
12, Assign the Drive Letter, whether you want to format with NTFS, and the label
13. Now you will see the new Virtual Drive as a new drive letter



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