Windows 7 Task Scheduler

With Windows 7, you can easily schedule tasks like automated backups

1. Click the Start button
2. Type in task
3. It should show Task Scheduler as the program to run
4. This is actually running the taskschd.msc  program in the system32 directory
5. This should bring up a window similar to the one below
6. The following will the instructions for how to add something like a batch file that will run at a certain day and time to do a backup
7. The easiest way is to click on Create Basic Task…
8. Type in the Name and Description for the task. Then click on the Next button
9. Then type in when you want the task to start. Since the example is for a Monday backup, the Weekly box is checked. Click on the Next button
10. Since the example is for a Weekly event, check the time, how often it is to recur and the day you want it to run.
11. For the action, select Start a program (since in this example, a batch file will be run)
12, Next browse to where the batch file or program is located.
13. Click on Next and you will see everything you configured on one screen
14. This is hopefully a good starter for you to start scheduling tasks. If you select Create Task rather than a Basic Task, there are more options available as well.