Windows 7 Gadgets


The following is a basic overview on the new Windows7 Gadgets

1. The first thing that is different with the Windows 7 gadgets that they are not installed by default.
2. The significant change with the sidebar is that there isn’t one !! You can now have program or file icons on your desktop and the sidebar won’t block you from accessing them them. This is basically what you would have needed to do before by un-pinning all the gadgets. You can place gadgets wherever you like on the desktop, much like you do with icons.
3. To add gadgets to desktop, right click on the Desktop.
4. Click on Gadgets
5. This will bring up a similar following display
6. To add a gadget, simply click on it.
7. To get more gadgets, click on Get more gadgets online
8. This will bring you to a web page where there are a couple of thousand gadgets, organized by category, that you can download.