Windows7 Parental Controls



The following is a basic overview of how to set up Parental Controls. With it you can set up Time Limits, Game Ratings and Allowing or Blocking Specific Programs

1. To set up Parental Controls, you will need to have passwords on all your accounts that have administrator rights. Also have a Standard User Account created that will have the Parental Controls applied.
2. Go to the Control Panel and go to User Accounts
3. Click on Manage another account
4. Click on Set up Parental Controls
5. Click on the account that you want to set up Parental Controls
6. This will be Off by default. Click on On, enforce current settings, then the OK button
7. To set up Time limits (when they can and can’t log into the computer, click on Time limits
8. This will bring up a windows where all times are initially allowed.
9. To Block certain times, simply drag your mouse over the times you want to specifiy.
10. In the following example, times between midnight and 6:00am on weekdays has been blocked
11. Click on Games to control what types of games can be played by that user
12 From there there are a lot of options. You can determine whether they can test play games, Set game ratings and Block or Allow specific installed games
13. With Game ratings, you can select from a large list of games that the user can and can’t play. You can also block games that have no rating.
14. You can also only allow certain applications to be run. At the main Parental Control page, click on Allow and block specific programs
15. Click that they can only use the programs I allow
16. The computer will scan and display a list of all installed programs
17. Simply check the ones you want to allow the user to access