Windows 7 Libraries


The following is a basic overview on the Windows7 Libraries

1. Windows7 Libraries are a way to help organize and manage your files that are in a variety of locations on your computer
2. Rather than taking the time to open the Windows Explorer and looking through several folders to find commonly used files, you can include them in personalized Libraries.
3. Windows7 comes with default Libraries of Documents, Music, Pictures and Videos
4. When you start the Windows Explorer, you will see Libraries along the left side
5. The default entries will show in both panels
6. You can add new items to the library by right clicking on Libraries, New, Library
7. In the following example, I created a new Library entry called Work
8. Click on Include a folder  to add folders to this library
9. In the following screenshot, I included my common Work folder
10. If you want to delete a folder from a Library, right click on the icon in the right panel and select Delete
11. This will not delete the contents of the folder from the computer but only remove it from the Library
12. Select to delete the folder and stop sharing (if you don’t need the folder shared)