Windows 7 File Associations


With Windows 7, you can change what file is associated with a particular file extension

1. Start
2. Control Panel
3. Click on Programs or Default Programs if you have the Control Panel set to show Icons
4. Click on Make a file type always open a specific program
5. Scroll down to the extension you want to change. In the following example I’ll change .jpg from Microsoft Photo Viewer to Adobe Photoshop. Now there are likely easier ways to set this particular file type, but I only use it as an example.
6. Click on the Change program…button in the upper right
7. If your application is shown, simply click on it
8. If the application you want to use is not shown, as in the following screenshot, click on the Browse… button in the lower right
9. Go to the location of the program you want to use and double click on it, in this case Photoshop.exe
10. It should now show up in the list
11. Make sure it is highlighted and click on the OK button
12, The change for the default program for that particular file extension should now show up



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