Windows7 Disk Defragmenter

The following is a basic overview on the new Windows7
Disk Defragmenter Program

1. Windows7 has a reasonably good disk defragmenter built in.
2. You can analyze how defragmented each of your disks or partitions are as well as schedule the defrag process
3. Click on Start  and type in Defrag. This should start the Disk Defragmenter
4. You will see a screen similar to the following one
5. The default schedule is to run a degrag at 1:00 in the morning. To change this, click on the Configure schedule button
6. From here you can schedule the frequency (daily, weekly, monthly), the Day, the Time and what disks you want to defrag. You can also turn off the scheduling completely.
7. From the main screen, you can also highlight a disk and select Analyze Disk or Defragment Disk.  From the first screenshot, you can see where the C: and D: drives have already been analyzed.
8. If you start a defrag, you will see the status similar to the following screenshot