Adding a Windows2000 Workstation to a NT4 Domain



The following are the steps I like to take when adding a new Windows2000 workstation to an existing NT4 Domain. 

This includes:

Adding a New Local Administrator Account
Configuring the Network
Adding the Machine Account to the Domain

Adding Domain User Accounts


Adding a New Local Administrator Account

While this is not necessary, I like to have more than one local administrator account.
This is just in case you can’t get on the network with a domain account  that has admin rights for the computer

1. Log on as a local administrator
2. Right-click on the My Computer icon
3. Select Manage
4. Select Local Users and Groups
5. Select Users
6. Right click on right panel
7. Select New User
8. Enter the login name, real name, description.
9. Enter in whatever security settings you want regarding the password
10. Click on the Create button
11. Right click on the new account
12. To make them an Administrator elect Properties
13. Click on the Member Of tab
14. Click on the Add button
15. Highlight Administrators
16. Click on the Add button

Configuring the Network

1. Right click on My Network Places
2. Select Properties
3. Right click on Local Area Connection
4. Select Properties
5. Add or Double click on any of the protocols to make the necessary changes

Adding the Machine Account to the Domain

1. Right click on My Computer
2. Select Properties
3. Click on the Network Identification tab
4. Click on the Properties button
5. From here you can change the computer name and enter the NT4 domain
6. You will be prompted for an account with admin privileges on the Domain
7. It might take a while to come up with a dialog box welcoming you to the domain
8. It will also take a reboot for the changes to go into effect
9. Log on again as the local administrator

Adding Domain User Accounts

1. Start User Manager for Domains (USRMGR) from the NT4 Domain (I usually just copy it to the \Winnt\System32 directory)
2. Double click on particular group  in the bottom panel you want the domain user to be a member of
3. Click on the Add button
4. Add in the Domain accounts you want to be part of that group