Windows2000 Group Policies


With Group Policies, you can restrict or enable many additional features within Windows2000.
Below is a quick overview to help you get started and show you how you can make any policy changes
you might want.

Installing the Group Policies Snap-In

1. Group Policies is a snap-in for your MMC that needs to be installed.
2. Start the MMC ( Start / Run / MMC )
3. This brings you to the main console screen
4. Click on Console / Add/Remove Snap-In
5. Click on the Add button
6. Scroll down to Group Policy and click on the Add button
7. Decide whether this is for a local or networked computer and click on the Finish button.



Using Group Policies

1. Group Policies are basically dividing into two groups:
Computer Configuration and User Configuration
2. Both have three main groups:
Software Settings, Windows Settings and Administrative Templates
3. To enable a particular policy, double click on it and select Enable
5. As there are hundreds of policies available, you might need to search for a while to figure out which ones work best for your needs.