Windows2000 Dial-Up Internet Connection


I am making the assumption that you have already installed and configured your modem.
If you need to install your modem, go to the Control Panel / Add/Remove Hardware icon 

1. Go to Start / Settings / Network and Dial-Up Connections or Right-click on the My Network Places icon.
2. Click on the Make New Connection icon

Click on the Next button


Check Dial-up private network and click on the Next button


Enter in the phone number for your ISP. If it is long distance or needs an area code, check Use dialing rules


Check whether this is for all user or just the one that is logged in and whether you want a shortcut on your desktop.


The default username will be the one you logged in with. Change this to whatever your ISP Login name is. You can also enter in the password as well.


To get additional settings you can configure, click on the Properties button.


You can set it to show an icon on the desktop when connected.


Click on the Configure button to change the modem settings.


Click on the Options tab to change the login options. My preference is to just have Display progress while connecting checked


Click on the Networking tab. You can just have Internet Protocol checked.


You should then see the Network and Dial-Up Connections section with your new icon. You can simply drag a shortcut of  this icon to another location


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