Windows2000 Client Side Caching

Client Side Caching is primarily designed for the mobile user. It allows them to save a local copy of a file that is normally accessed on a server.  When they disconnect from the server, they are still able to edit this local file. When they reconnect to the network, the server copy can then be updated. 

It is Windows 2000 client dependant and as such, will work with NT 4.0 servers. Any security privileges that are in place when connected to the LAN will be in place when a user tries to access the file offline.

1. To start Client Side Caching, connect your Windows 2000 computer to a server.
2. Right click on a file or folder you want to make available offline.
Note: Do not select files that will be open during normal use such as your Exchange or Outlook files.

Offline Files Wizard

This starts the first time you make a file or folder available offline

Install Wizard
3. Select whether you want to automatically synchronize files at logon and logoff.
This can be changed later.
4. The other option is AutoPreview – This shows the first few lines right below each e-mail
Sync Options
5. Select whether you want a reminders to periodically appear.
6. Select whether you want to create a shortcut to the Offline Files folder on the desktop.
Note: If you don’t create a shortcut on the desktop at this time, you can add it in later by:
7. Opening up the Explorer
8. Go to Tools / Folder Options / Offline Files

Items to Synchronize

Start / Programs / Accessories / Synchronize
Explorer / Tools / Synchronize



Offline Folders Shortcut

1. If you selected to have the offline folders on your desktop, you can click on it to see what files you have selected for offline use.
2. Not making it available for offline use still keeps the copy on the server.
3. You can move the item bars such as Name, Type, Synchronization etc dragging them to a new location..


Synchronization Settings

Start / Programs / Accessories / Synchronize / Setup

1. From here you can change how you want your files to synchronize.
2. At Logon, Logoff, and being prompted are options
3. You can also synchronize during idle time or scheduled.

Scheduling Client Side Caching

1. Start the Synchronization Manager from either Start Menu / Programs Accessories / Synchronize or the Offline Folders / Tools Synchronize
2. Click on the Setup button
3. Click on the Scheduled tab
4. Click on the Add button
5. Click on the Next button
6. Select the server shares you want to schedule
7. Click on the Next button
8. Select the time and frequency of the synchronization
9. Click on the Next button
10. Enter a name for this schedule
11. Click on the Next and Finish button
12. Highlight the schedule you just created and click on the Edit button
13. General tab allows you to change the name
14. The Synchronization tab allows you to change the items to synchronize
15. The Schedule and its Advanced button allows you to further refine the schedule for your synchronization
16 The Settings tab allows you to change some idle time and  power management configurations.