Vista Local Area Networking


Below are some of the details in how to network a Vista Workstation. These instructions assume you already have a network card installed and correctly configured with the appropriate drivers.

Changing the Computer,
Workgroup or Domain Name

1. Right click on Computer on the Start Menu
2. Select Properties
3. Click on the Computer Name tab
4. Click on the Change button.
5. To change the computer, work or domain name, enter the appropriate information.
Note: If you are on a Workgroup, make sure all computers have the same Workgroup name.
6. Reboot when requested

Configuring the TCP/IP Protocol Stack

1. Open the Network and Sharing Center
2. On the left side, click on Manage network connections
3. Right click on Local Area Connection and select Properties
4. From here you can change your TCP/IP settings.

Sharing Folders

1. Start the Windows Explorer
2. Right-click on a folder you want to share
3. Select Share
4. Click on the Advanced Sharing button
5. Check Share this folder
6. Enter in the name of the share
7. Click on the Permissions button
8. Assign whatever permissions you need. You can also add users and give each their own permission level.


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