Vista VPN Client


1. From the Start Menu, right click on Network, select Properties. This will open the Network and Sharing Center
2. On the left side, click on Set up a connection or network
3. Select Connect to a workplace
4. Click on the Next butto
5. Select Use my Internet connection (VPN)
6. Replace the Example with the actual WAN IP address of the VPN server you will be connecting to.You can also change the name from VPN Connection to something that is more meaningful.
7. Click on the Next button
8. Enter in the User Name and Password that is on the VPN server
9. You can also check it to show the password characters so you don’t make a mistake when typing it in.
10. Now from the Network and Sharing Center, you can go to Manage Network Connections to see the new VPN connection.

VPN and Browsing

1. Browsing the remote network can be difficult if not impossible over a VPN connection. There are too many variables that can hinder this.


To make browsing work a little easier, you might want to edit the HOSTS and LMHOSTS files on the VPN ClientThese are in the C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc directory for Vista


Just add a line with the LAN IP address of the VPN server followed by it’s name.e.g  SERVER
4. You can also add in the LAN IP address and Name of any other computers on the remote network that you may want to connect to


Also, make sure the workgroup name is the same on all computers.


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