Vista Network and Sharing Center


From the Network and Sharing Center, you can access many of the networking configurations that normally were in different areas

1. From the Start Menu, right click on Network and select Properties. This will bring up the following screen
2. View computers and devices will show other computers on the network. This can also be done by clicking on teh Network icon.
3. Set up a connection or network will bring up the following screen. This is where you can configure your Internet, Wireless, Dial-Up or VPN connections
4. Manage network connections is where you can configure your TCP/IP settings. After you bring it up, you can right click on your Local Area Connection and make any necessary changes.
5. Diagnose and repair is where you can try to repair any network problems
6. Network discovery allows you to view and be viewed by other networked computers
7. File, Public Folder and Printer sharing relates how you want each of those configure. A Public folder is a new folder in your Documents folder. Any folder you put there is automatically shared.
8. Password protected sharing is to allow only people with an account on the computer access to shared files and printers.
9. Media sharing allows people to access shared music, pictures and videos
10. Click on Show me all the shared network folders on this computer to see all the files and printers being shared (much faster than the first option).


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