Networking Win9x


Checking for a Network Adapter

1. Open up the Control Panel
2. Click on the Network icon
3. If you have a network adapter, other than the Dial-up Adapter, continue to the next page
4. If not, continue with Adding a Network Adapter



Adding a Network Adapter

1. Open up the Control Panel
2. Click on Add New Hardware
3. Click the Next button
4. You can either have Windows9x search for the adapter by selecting YES
or select NO to manually enter the adapter
5. Click the Next button
6. If you selected NO, you will need to manually select an adapter.
Selecting an Adapter
7. Reboot if requested



Adding and Configuring the TCP/IP Protocol

Confirming the Default Network Settings

1. Open up the Control Panel
2. Click on the Network icon
3. If you have Client for Netware Networks:

  1. Highlight it
  2. Click on Remove
4. The default setting should look like the panel below



Adding TCP/IP Protocol

1. Click on the Add button
2. Click on Protocol
3. Click on Microsoft
4. Click on TCP/IP
5. Highlight NetBEUI – Click on Remove
6. Highlight IPX/SPX – Click on Remove
7. Click on OK and reboot if necessary
8. Your Network Setup should look like:



Configuring TCP/IP
IP Address

1. Click on TCP/IP
2. Select IP Address:
3. If you have a DHCP serviced subnet,

  1. Select Obtain an IP Address Automatically
  2. Go to Configure WINS Server for DHCP
4. If not, enter your IP address and Subnet Mask
5. Click on WINS Configuration



Configuring TCP/IP
WINS Configuration

1. If you do not have a WINS Server, select Disable WINS Resolution
2. If have a WINS Server but not a DHCP serviced subnet:

  1. Select Enable WINS Resolution
  2. Type in the Primary and Secondary IP addresses for your WINS Servers
3. If you have a DHCP serviced subnet, select Use DHCP for WINS Resolution
4. Click on Gateway Configuration



Configuring TCP/IP
Gateway Configuration

1. Type in the IP address of your Gateways or Routers
2. Click on ADD after each one
3. Click on DNS Configuration



Configuring TCP/IP
DNS IP Addresses

1. Type in your Host Name
2. Type in your Domain Name
3. Type in the IP address for your network’s Domain Name Server(s)
4. Click on Add
5. If you have more than one DNS server, add subsequent IP addresses.
6. Bindings and Advanced should not need to be modified
7. Click on OK and reboot. You should then have network access.


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