Sharing Local Resources


Sharing Resources will allow you connect to another to computer to transfer files or use its printer


Enable your computer to share files and/or printers

1. Open up the Network Icon in the Control Panel
2. You should see File and Print Sharing below the protocol
3. If not, click on the File and Print Sharing button.
4. Click on the options you want to enable then on the OK button



Sharing a Local Resource

1. Open up the Explorer
2. Right click on the directory you want to share and select Sharing
3. Type in the Share name
4. Select whether ReadFull or Depends on Password
5. Type in and agreed upon password.
6. Similar steps can be taken to share a printer.



To Connect to another Computer’s Shared Resource

1. Go to Start / Run
2. Type in \\Computer_Name\Share_Name of the resource you want to attach to.
3. or Open up the Explorer
4. Click on the first icon to connect a network drive (or Tools/Map Network Drive)
5. Select the Drive letter (the first available one will show by default)
6. Type in the \\Computer_Name\Share_Name
6. You should be able to send and receive files as well print to any location in the world.


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