Dial-Up Scripting

Installing the Dial-Up Script

You can install the Scripting program from the
Admin / Apptools / Dscript directory on the Win95 CD or use The Internet Jumpstart Kit that comes with the Plus! Pack

1. Using the Windows95 CD – Run SCRIPTER.EXE
2. Using the Plus! Pack– From the Start button, Open up Programs / Accessories / Dial-Up Scripting Tool
3. Select the provider (if you have more than one)
4. Type in the name of the script (end with .scp)
5. Click on the Edit Button. This will bring up Notepad
6. Type in your script. A sample one follows:
   proc main

      waitfor "login:"
      transmit "your_login_name^M"

      waitfor "password:"
      transmit "your_password^M" 

      waitfor "TERM = (vt100)"
      transmit "^M"       

      waitfor "your_logon_prompt"
      transmit "ppp^M" ;My provider requires "ppp" 

7. You can initially have Step through script turned on for debugging
8. When it is correct, check Start terminal screen minimized
9. Remember to turn off Bring up terminal window after dialing
10. Also make sure to turn off Logon to network in your Dial-Up icon / Properties / Server Type
11. For a complete listing of all the scripting options, read the SCRIPT.DOC file.


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