Configuring Outlook2007


Configuring Outlook2007 is fairly straightforward and
not that much different than with previous version
If you have a Existing PST file you want Outlook2007 to use,
it requires just a bit more to do but saves time in the long-runThe steps below detail both procedures.
1. After installing Outlook, click on the Outlook icon on the desktop
2. This will bring up the following screen. Click on Next
3. Check Yes and click on the Next button
4. Click on the Add button
5. I’ve found it faster to manually configure the settings
6. For now we’ll go ahead with a regular Internet E-Mail setup
7. Fill in with all the information provided by your ISP or tech support.
8. If your Outgoing mail server requires authentication, click on the More Settings button and enter the appropriate information
9. If your ISP uses something other than the default ports, click on the Advanced tab and enter them.
10. Under the General Tab I like to put in the person’s name or something more descriptive than the default which is the e-mail address.
11. Click on OK which will bring you back to the main setup window
12. Click on Test Account Settings
13. If it works, then click on the Next and Finish buttons

The following section details the steps necessary to configure
Outlook to use an Existing PST file or configure it to use one other than the Default

1 Start Outlook
2. Go to Tools / Account Settings
3. Click on the Data Files tab
4. Click on the Add button
5. Select the type of PST file you want to use
6. Browse to the location of the PST file you want to use and click on OK
7. Click on Ok again
8. Highlight the Outlook file you want to use
9. Click on Set as Default. Click OK at the following warning
10, Close and Restart Outlook
11. Go to the Go to Tools / Account Settings / Data Files tab as before
12. Highlight the default PST file that got created
13 Click on Remove. Click Yes at the following prompt
14. Now you will just have the one PST file that you want to use.
15. Click on the Close button


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