Junk Mail in Outlook


Reduce Junk Mail in Outlook

If you receive a lot of junk mail that is not sent directly to you
(something the spammers do often),
you can easily create a rule to move it to specified folder.

These instructions are from OfficeXP but any differences with other versions should be minor

1. Start Outlook
2. Create a folder where you want to move junk mail not sent to you.
3. Make sure you have the Folders view (View / Folder List)
4. Right click on the upper most section, Outlook Today
5. Select New Folder
6. Give it a name. For this example, it is called NotMe
7. Go to Tools / Rules Wizard
8. Click on the New tab
9. Check Start from a blank rule
10. Click on the Next button
11. Scroll down and check where my name is not in the To box
12. Click on the Next button
13. Check move it to the specified folder
14. Double click on the specified in the lower panel
15. Highlight the folder where you want the e-mails moved
16. Click on the OK button
17. Click on the Next button
18. Check except where my name is in the Cc box
19. Click on the Next button
20. Give your rule a name
21. Check if you want to run this rule on existing messages
22. Click on the Finish button
23. Click on the OK button
24. Now any mail not expressly sent to you will automatically be moved to the NotMe folder.

You can also set up rules so certain phrases in the subject or body of the text
will also be moved to a specified folder.

Hopefully this gives you a good start and reducing Junk Mail sent to you.
Other rules you might use are for specific phrases in the message body text.


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