Here are various Easter Eggs


Front Page Easter Egg

1. In Front Page, hold the Shift key and select Help / About Microsoft Front Page
2. Click on the OK button
3. Repeat this two more times



Two Internet Explorer 5 Easter Egg

Easter Egg #1

1. Open up Notepad
2. Type: <!– introducing the Trident team –>
3. Save the file as test.htm
4. Open up test.htm in IE5 5
5. Chris Barnes submitted an easier way. Just enter about: <!– introducing the Trident team –> in the address bar

Easter Egg #2

1. Open up IE5
2. From the menu, select Tools > Internet Options > General (tab) > Languages (button)
3. Press Add
4. Type: ie-ee and click OK
5. Move “User Defined [ie-ee]” to the TOP of the list
6. Exit back to where you can browse in IE5 again
7. Click on the Search icon (to pull up the side search menu)
8. Select Previous Searches
9. Enjoy IE5 Easter Egg #2

Submitted by Jean-Claude


Windows98 Easter Egg #1

1. Go to the Control Panel
2. Click on Date and Time icon
3. Click on the Time Zone tab
4. While you hold down the Control key

  1. Left-mouse drag from #1 to #2
  2. Let up the mouse button
  3. Drag from #2 to #3


Windows98 Easter Egg #2

1. Create a new shortcut on the Desktop
2. For the command, copy in this text:”C:\WINDOWS\Application Data\Microsoft\WELCOME\WELDATA.EXE” You_are_a_real_rascal
3. Right click on the icon
4. Select Properties / Run / Minimized
5. Now click on the icon to see the easter egg
6. With a little searching, you can find out the file where the pictures are coming from. I don’t want to give it all away.


Here are all the files in that Easter Egg in HTML Format


IE 4 Easter Egg

1. Open IE 4
2. Click on Help / About Internet Explorer
3. Hold down the Control key while you click on the IE logo in the upper right hand corner.
4. Drag the logo to the globe and then while you still hold down the Control Key, drag it to the words Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.0
5. If you do the preceding step correctly, the words will move off to the right of the windows and reveal a Unlock button. Press this and the globe will start to wobble.
6. Drag the logo back onto the globe and a list of credits will come up in a new window.




1. Open a new document
2. Type the word Blue
3. Select the word
4. Go to Format / Font from the toolbar
5. Choose Font Style to be Bold and the Color Blue
6. Type a space after the word Blue
7. Go to Help, then About Microsoft Word
8. Ctrl-Shift-Left-click on the Word icon
9. Use Z for left flipper, M for right flipper, and Escape to exit



Windows95 Easter Egg

1. Right click on your desktop
2. Select New then Folder
3. Rename the Folder:
and now, the moment you’ve all been waiting for
4. Rename the Folder again to:
we proudly present for your viewing pleasure
5. Rename the Folder again to:
The Microsoft Windows 95 Product Team!
6. Type it in exactly
7. Now open the folder
8. The Win95 Easter Egg should appear. Turn on your speakers.



Access 97 Easter Egg

1. Create a new, blank, database
2. Click on the Macros tab
3. Click on New
4. Press the space bar
5. Close down the dialog box
6. Click Yes
7. Enter Magic Eight Ball for the name of the macro
8. Go to View / Toolbars / Customize
9. Check Macro Design for a tool bar to view
10. Drag the macro to the second tool bar that shows up from the previous step
11. Click on the 8Ball icon



Excel 7 Easter Egg

1. Open a New Excel spreadsheet
2. Down arrow until you reach cell 95
3. Select the entire row by clicking the mouse on the 95 on the left side
4. Tab to column B
5. Select Help / About Microsoft Excel
6. While holding down the Control and Shift Keys, click on Tech Support
7. A window should come up that you can move around in.
8. Use the arrow keys for left, right, forward, backward
9. C and D are down and up.
10. Turn towards the wall away from the stairs and type EXCELKFA
The wall disappears and you can wall to a back room with pictures.


Screen Shot


Here is the Excel97 Easter Egg

1. Open a New Excel spreadsheet
2. Press F5 (go to) and enter the range X97:L97
3. Click on the OK button
5. Press the Tab key to once put you in cell M97
6. Hold the Ctrl+Shift keys while you left click once on the chart button on the toolbar. This is the one that looks like a bar chart.
7. What comes up is a full screen fractal landscape. You can fly around using the mouse and left and right mouse buttons to control your speed.



Access 7 Easter Egg

1. Create a macro with anything (or nothing) in it
2. Save it as Magic 8 Ball
3. Put the macro on the tool bar
4. Change the button to the 8 Ball icon
5. Click on the new button


Submitted by Rain-in-the-Face


PowerPoint 95 Easter Egg

1. Start PowerPoint95
2. Go to the Help window
3. Click on About Powerpoint
4. When the screen comes up, and click on the icon on the left side


PowerPoint Easter Egg submitted by Ernesto Marti Wetzel


OpenGL Screen Saver Easter Egg

Win95 or NT 4.0

1. Choose the 3D Text screen saver
2. In the Settings dialog box enter volcano
3. The screen saver will show the volcanoes on the west coast of the U.S.



Outlook Easter Egg

1. Using Outlook, create a contact named Ren Hoek.
2. Select this contact
3. Click on Help / About Microsoft Outlook
4. Hold down Ctrl+Alt+Shift and click on the OK button.
5. This will bring up a list of credits
6. Click on the “Want more? Click here.” text to go to a web page that with more information.


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