Windows95 Directory and Alphabetical File Listing

Directory Structure

\ COMMAND contains MS-DOS utilities.

\ SYSTEM contains drivers, VxDs (virtual device drivers), the I/O subsystem, and viewers.

\ START MENU is the start menu directory, which contains accessory files and shortcuts to all applications.

\ DESKTOP contains folders, applications, utilities, and shortcuts placed on the Desktop.

\ SENDTO contains folders, applications, utilities, and shortcuts that appear in the Send To menu.

\ CONFIG contains configuration information.

\ INF contains setup and device installation files.

\ PIF contains Program Information Files.

\ SYSBCKUP is a copy of the system directory.

\ SPOOL contains fax and printer drivers.

\ MEDIA contains sample .WAV files.

\ TEMP contains temporary files.

\ RECENT contains your list of recently opened documents.

\ SHELLNEW contains templates for creating new documents via the file menu.

\ FONTS contains font files.

\ HELP contains help files.

\ CURSORS contains cursor files.

Alphabetical File Listing

256COLOR.BMP Wallpaper bitmap
31USERS.HLP Windows help
3DBLOCKS.BMP Wallpaper bitmap
800950.DAT Microsoft Network component
850.DAT Support for Codepage 850 character set
8514FIX.FON Font file
8514OEM.FON Font file
8514SYS.FON Font file
95WRK.CNT Contents for Resource Kit help
95WRK.HLP Resource Kit help
A_PNT518.SPD Printer driver
ACCESS.CPL Accessibility Control Panel icon
ACCESS.HLP Accessibility Control Panel help
ACCSTAT.EXE Accessibility-status indicator
ADAPTER.INF System-detection setup information
ADDREG.EXE International Settings program
ADMIN.ADM Administrator template for System Policy editor
ADVAPI32.DLL Advanced Win32 application programming interfaces
AHA154X.MPD SCSI driver
AHA174X.MPD SCSI driver
AM1500T.VXD Network adapter driver
AM2100.DOS Network adapter driver
AMIPRO.SAM Ami Pro document template
APIX.VXD APIX virtual device
APLW8101.SPD Printer driver
APLWIIF1.SPD Printer driver
APLWIIG1.SPD Printer driver
APLWNTR1.SPD Printer driver
APLWSEL.SPD Printer driver
APM.INF Advanced power management setup information
APP850.FON Font file
APPEND.EXE MS-DOS Append utility
APPLE230.SPD Printer driver
APPLE380.SPD Printer driver
APPLETPP.INF Setup information
APPLETS.INF Setup information
APPS.HLP Applications compatibility information
APPS.INF PIF configuration for MS-DOS-based applications
APPSTART.ANI Animated cursor
APPWIZ.CPL Application install Control Panel
APTOLLD1.SPD Printer driver
APTOLLW1.SPD Printer driver
ARCADE.BMP Wallpaper bitmap
ARCSRV32.EXE Cheyenne ArcServe backup agent
ARGYLE.BMP Wallpaper bitmap
ARIAL.TTF Arial font
ARIALBD.TTF Arial Bold font
ARIALBI.TTF Arial Bold Italic font
ARIALI.TTF Arial Italic font
ARP.EXE TCP/IP Address Resolution Protocol command
ARROW_1.CUR Cursor
ARROW_2.CUR Cursor
ARROW_3.CUR Cursor
ARROW_4.CUR Cursor
ARROW_5.CUR Cursor
ASPI2HLP.SYS Helper driver
AST__470.SPD Printer driver
ATI.VXD ATI minidriver
ATIM32.DRV Display driver for the ATI Ultra Pro (mach32)
ATIM64.DRV Display driver for the ATI Ultra Pro Turbo (mach64)
ATIM8.DRV Display driver fort the ATI Ultra (mach8)
ATTRIB.EXE MS-DOS Attributes command line utility
AUDIOCDC.HLP Help file for audio codec support
AWADPR32.EXE Add Printer utility
AWBMSC32.DLL Bit Scaler codec
AWBTRV32.DLL Bit Reversal codec
AWCAPI32.DLL Capability database
AWCL1_32.DLL Class 1 modem driver
AWCL2_32.DLL Class 2 modem driver
AWCODC32.DLL Fax codec
AWDEVL16.DLL 16-bit printer back end
AWDEVL32.DLL 32-bit printer back end
AWFAX.CNT Contents for At Work help
AWFAX.HLP At Work help
AWFAX.INF At Work setup
AWFAXP32.DLL Mail API fax transport
AWFEXT32.DLL Exchange extensions
AWFMON32.DLL Print monitor
AWFR32.DLL Format resolution
AWFXAB32.DLL Address book
AWFXCG32.DLL Property sheets for Mail API
AWFXEX32.EXE LocalFax dedicated fax process
AWFXIO32.DLL Fax common IO
AWFXRN32.DLL EFAX file-based transport interface
AWKRNL32.DLL Common support file
AWLFT332.DLL IFAX file-based local fax interface
AWLHUT32.DLL Microsoft Fax Linearizer Header utilities
AWLINZ32.DLL Microsoft fax linearizer
AWLZRD32.DLL LZ encoder/decoder
AWNFAX32.DLL Network fax client
AWPRT.HLP At Work print driver help
AWPWD32.DLL Security support
AWRAMB32.DLL Reuters Business Alert decoder
AWRBAE32.DLL Reuters Business Alert encoder
AWRESX32.DLL Resource Executor
AWRNDR32.DLL Render server
AWSCHD32.DLL Fax scheduler
AWSNTO32.EXE Mail Print To extentions
AWSRVR32.DLL Network fax server
AWT30_32.DLL T30 fax protocol driver
AWUPD.INF At Work printer update information
AWUTIL32.DLL At Work Security support
AWVIEW32.DLL Microsoft Fax Viewer support
AZT16.VXD Aztech audio driver
AZT16C.DRV Aztech audio driver
AZT16W.DRV Aztech audio driver
BACKUP.CFG Backup applet configuration file
BACKUP.CNT Contents for Backup help
BACKUP.EXE Backup applet
BACKUP.HLP Backup help
BAMBOO.BMP Wallpaper bitmap
BANANA.ANI Animated cursor
BATCH.EXE Batch editor
BATCH.HLP Batch editor
BBSNAV.NAV Microsoft Network component
BEAM_1.CUR Cursor
BEAM_2.CUR Cursor
BEAM_3.CUR Cursor
BEAM_4.CUR Cursor
BEAM_5.CUR Cursor
BEZIER.SCR Screen saver
BHNETB.DLL Network monitor SMS client
BHSUPP.DLL Network monitor SMS client
BIGMEM.DRV BIGMEM virtual device
BIOS.VXD Plug and Play BIOS interface
BJC600.ICM Printer profile
BJC800.ICM Printer profile
BKUPAGNT.EXE Arcada agent
BKUPAGNT.INF Arcada agent
BKUPNET.DLL Arcada agent
BKUPPROP.DLL Arcada agent
BRHJ770.DRV Printer driver
BROTHER9.DRV Printer driver
BROTHR24.DRV Printer driver
BUBBLES.BMP Wallpaper bitmap
BUSY_1.CUR Cursor
BUSY_2.CUR Cursor
BUSY_3.CUR Cursor
BUSY_4.CUR Cursor
BUSY_5.CUR Cursor
CALC.CNT Contents for Calculator help
CALC.EXE Calculator
CALC.HLP Calculator help
CANON330.DRV Printer driver
CANON800.DRV Printer driver
CANONLBP.DRV Printer driver
CARDS.DLL Hearts game
CARS.BMP Wallpaper bitmap
CASTLE.BMP Wallpaper bitmap
CCAPI.DLL Microsoft Network component
CCDIALER.EXE Microsoft Network component
CCEI.DLL Microsoft Network component
CCPSH.DLL Microsoft Network component
CCTN220.DLL CompuServe Mail API provider
CDFS.VXD CD-ROM file system
CDPLAYER.CNT Contents for CD Player context-sensitive help
CDPLAYER.EXE CD Player application
CDTSD.VXD CDTSD virtual device
CDVSD.VXD CDVSD virtual device
CE2NDIS3.VXD Xircom NDIS 3 driver
CEMMF.INF Xircom network-card information
CENDIS.VXD Xircom Creditcard Ethernet adapter NDIS driver
CHARMAP.EXE Charmap applet
CHEYENNE.INF Cheyenne ArcServe information
CHEYPROP.DLL Cheyenne ArcServe support DLL
CHIADI.DLL Backup applet
CHIKDI.DLL Backup applet
CHIMES.WAV Sample audio file
CHIPS.DRV Chips & Technologies display driver
CHIPS.VXD Chips & Technologies minidriver
CHKDSK.EXE MS-DOS Check Disk utility
CHKSTATE.SYS MS-DOS Check State driver
CHORD.WAV Sample audio file
CIRCLES.BMP Wallpaper bitmap
CIRRUS.DRV Cirrus Logic display driver
CIRRUS.VXD Cirrus Logic minidriver
CIRRUSMM.DRV Cirrus Logic display driver
CIT24US.DRV Printer driver
CIT9US.DRV Printer driver
CITOH.DRV Printer driver
CLIPBOOK.CNT Contents for Clipbook help
CLIPBOOK.EXE Clipbook viewer
CLIPBOOK.HLP Clipbook viewer help
CLIPBRD.EXE Clipboard viewer
CLIPBRD.HLP Clipboard viewer help
CLIPSRV.EXE Clipboard viewer
CLOUDS.BMP Wallpaper bitmap
CM2NDIS3.VXD Xircom Creditcard Ethernet adapter NDIS 3 driver
CMC.DLL Common messaging calls for Mail API 1.0
CMDIALOG.VBX Batch editor
COIN.ANI Animated cursor
COMBUFF.VXD COM-port virtual device
COMCTL31.DLL Win 3.1 Version of Custom Controls Library
COMCTL32.DLL 32-bit Shell component
COMDLG32.DLL 32-bit Common Dialog Library
COMM.DRV Common API driver for Mini Win 3.1 setup
COMMAND.COM Common-dialogs libraries
COMMCTRL.DLL 16-bit Custom Controls Library
COMMDLG.DLL 16-bit Common Dialog Library
COMPAQ.DRV Compaq QVision display driver
COMPAQ.VXD Compaq minidriver
COMPOBJ.DLL OLE 16/32 Interoperability Library
CONAGENT.EXE 32-bit console support
CONFAPI.DLL Microsoft Network component
CONFDENT.CPE Fax cover page that reads "Confidential!"
CONFIGMG.VXD Configuration Manager virtual device
CONTROL.EXE Control Panel folder
CONTROL.INF International Control Panel
COUNTRY.SYS MS-DOS country language driver
COUR.TTF Courier font
COURBD.TTF Courier Bold font
COURBI.TTF Courier Bold Italic font
COURE.FON Font file
COURF.FON Font file
COURI.TTF Courier Italic
CP_1252.NLS Codepage information
CP_437.NLS Codepage information
CP_850.NLS Codepage information
CP_852.NLS Codepage information
CP_857.NLS Codepage information
CP_866.NLS Codepage information
CP_869.NLS Codepage information
CP_PS241.SPD Printer driver
CPPER241.SPD Printer driver
CPPMQ151.SPD Printer driver
CPPMQ201.SPD Printer driver
CPPRO518.SPD Printer driver
CPPSNB10.SPD Printer driver
CPPSX241.SPD Printer driver
CPQAE05.EXE Compaq BIOS support
CPQAE06.EXE Compaq BIOS support
CPQMODE.INI Compaq driver support
CPQMON.INI Compaq driver support
CPQNDIS.DOS Network adapter driver
CPQNDIS3.VXD Compaq Ethernet controller NDIS driver
CPQTOK.DOS Network adapter driver
CROSS_1.CUR Cursor
CROSS_2.CUR Cursor
CROSS_3.CUR Cursor
CROSS_4.CUR Cursor
CROSS_5.CUR Cursor
CRTDLL.DLL Microsoft C Runtime Library
CTNDW.VXD XIRCOM Token-Ring 16/4 Credit Card Adapter driver
D17_MS.SPD Printer driver
D1712_MS.SPD Printer driver
D176_MS.SPD Printer driver
D20_MS.SPD Printer driver
D2150_MS.SPD Printer driver
D2250_MS.SPD Printer driver
D32_MS.SPD Printer driver
D40_MS.SPD Printer driver
D5100_MS.SPD Printer driver
DATAEDCL.DLL Microsoft Network component
DATAP462.SPD Printer driver
DBKVSSD.VXD Databook PCMCIA support
DBLBUFF.SYS Double-buffering driver
DBLSPACE.BAT Replacement stub for MS-DOS 6.<I>x</I> Doublespace
DC1152_1.SPD Printer driver
DC1152F1.SPD Printer driver
DC2150P1.SPD Printer driver
DC21X4.DOS Network adapter driver
DC21X4.SYS NDIS 3 driver
DC2250P1.SPD Printer driver
DC5100_1.SPD Printer driver
DCAMAC.BIN DCA Irmatrac network-card driver
DCCOLOR1.SPD Printer driver
DCD11501.SPD Printer driver
DCIMAN.DLL Display control interface
DCIMAN32.DLL Display control interface
DCLF02_1.SPD Printer driver
DCLF02F1.SPD Printer driver
DCLN03R1.SPD Printer driver
DCLPS171.SPD Printer driver
DCLPS321.SPD Printer driver
DCLPS401.SPD Printer driver
DCPS1721.SPD Printer driver
DCPS1761.SPD Printer driver
DCTPS201.SPD Printer driver
DDEML.DLL DDE Messaging libraries
DEBMP.DLL Raster Display engine
DEBUG.EXE MS-DOS Debug utility
DEC24PIN.DRV Printer driver
DEC3200.DRV Printer driver
DEC3250.SPD Printer driver
DECCORE.VXD DEC Pathworks 5.0 support
DECLAN.VXD DEC LAN network card driver
DECLICL.VXD DEC Pathworks 5.0 support
DECPSMW4.DLL DEC Port Monitor support
DECPSMW4.HLP DEC Port Monitor help
DEFRAG.BAT Replacement stub for MS-DOS 6.<I>x</I> Disk Defragger
DEFRAG.EXE Disk defragger
DEHEX.DLL Hex display engine
DELTEMP.COM Setup Helper utility
DELTREE.EXE MS-DOS Deltree utility
DEMET.DLL Vector display engine
DEPCA.DOS Network adapter driver
DESK.CPL Desktop Control Panel
DESKCP16.DLL 16-bit desktop Control Panel
DESKJETC.DRV Printer driver
DESKTOP.INI Fonts Folder component
DESKTOP.MSN Microsoft Network component
DESS.DLL Spreadsheet display engine
DEWP.DLL Word Processing display engine
DIALER.CNT Contents for dialer help
DIALER.EXE Phone dialer
DIALER.HLP Phone dialer help
DIBENG.DLL Device-independent bitmap engine
DICONIX.DRV Printer driver
DING.WAV Sample audio file
DINOSAUR.ANI Animated cursor
DIRECTCC.EXE Direct cable-connection application
DISKCOMP.COM MS-DOS Disk Compare utility
DISKCOPY.COM MS-DOS DiskCopy utility
DISKCOPY.DLL DiskCopy context menu extension
DISKDRV.INF Class installer setup information
DISKTSD.VXD DiskTSD virtual device
DISKVSD.VXD DiskVSD virtual device
DISPDIB.DLL Video for Windows device-independent bitmap support
DISPLAY.SYS MS-DOS international display driver
DISPLAY.TXT README file for display adapters
DMCOLOR.DLL Universal Printer Driver Color-Printing Support library
DNCRWL02.DOS Network adapter driver
DNR.EXE Microsoft Network component
DOCPROP.DLL Docfile property extension
DOSAPP.FON Font file
DOSKEY.COM MS-DOS DosKey utility
DOSMGR.VXD DOSMGR virtual device
DOSNET.VXD DOSNET virtual device
DOSPRMPT.PIF MS-DOS prompt PIF for compatibility
DOSSETUP.BIN Setup stub for setup from MS-DOS
DRVSPACE.BAT Replacement stub for MS-DOS 6.<I>x</I> drivespace
DRVSPACE.BIN Doublespace/drivespace real-mode driver
DRVSPACE.CNT Contents for Disk Compression help
DRVSPACE.EXE Disk Compression utility
DRVSPACE.HLP Disk Compression help
DRVSPACE.INF Doublespace/drivespace configuration file
DRVSPACE.SYS Doublespace/drivespace real-mode driver
DRVSPACX.VXD Drivespace/Doublespace virtual device
DSKMAINT.DLL Disk Utilities engine
DSNAV.NAV Microsoft Network component
DSNED.NED Microsoft Network component
DUNZIPNT.DLL Microsoft Network component
DZIPNT.DLL Microsoft Network component
E100.DOS Network adapter driver
E100.SYS NDIS 3 driver
E20N3.SYS NDIS 3 driver
E20N3.VXD NDIS 3 driver
E20ND.DOS Network adapter driver
E21N3.SYS NDIS 3 driver
E21ND.DOS Network adapter driver
E22N3.SYS NDIS 3 driver
E22ND.DOS Network adapter driver
E30N3.VXD NDIS 3 driver
E30ND.DOS Network adapter driver
E31N3.VXD NDIS 3 driver
E31ND.DOS Network adapter driver
EAGLECAF.BIN Network adapter driver
EAGLEMAC.BIN Network adapter driver
EBIOS.VXD EBIOS virtual device
EDIT.HLP MS-DOS editor help
EDLIN.EXE MS-DOS line-oriented editor
EE16.SYS Network adapter driver
EGA.CPI DOS fonts for character mapping
EGA2.CPI DOS fonts for character mapping
EGA3.CPI DOS fonts for character mapping
EGYPT.BMP Wallpaper bitmap
EISA.VXD Plug and Play EISA-bus enumerator
EK550C.ICM Printer profile
EL59X.DOS Network adapter driver
EL59X.VXD NDIS 3 network adapter driver
ELNK16.DOS Network adapter driver
ELNK16.VXD NDIS 3 network adapter driver
ELNK3.DOS Network adapter driver
ELNK3.VXD NDIS 3 network adapter driver
ELNKII.DOS Network adapter driver
ELNKII.VXD NDIS 3 network adapter driver
ELNKMC.DOS Network adapter driver
ELNKMC.VXD NDIS 3 network adapter driver
ELNKPL.DOS Network adapter driver
ELPC3.VXD NDIS 3 network adapter driver
EMM386.EXE MS-DOS Emm386 memory manager utility
ENABLE.INF Setup information
ENABLE.VXD Accessibility module
ENABLE2.VXD Accessibility module
ENABLE3.DLL Accessibility module
ENABLE4.VXD Accessibility module
ENVOY.EVY Envoy document template
EPL75523.SPD Printer driver
EPRO.DOS Network adapter driver
EPRO.VXD NDIS 3 network adapter driver
EPSON24.DRV Printer driver
EPSON9.DRV Printer driver
EPSONSTY.ICM Printer profile
ES1488.DRV Electronic Switching System audio driver
ES1488.VXD Electronic Switching System audio driver
ES1688.DRV Electronic Switching System audio driver
ES1688.VXD Electronic Switching System audio driver
ES3210.DOS Network adapter driver
ES488.DRV Electronic Switching System audio driver
ES488.VXD Electronic Switching System audio driver
ES688.DRV Electronic Switching System audio driver
ES688.VXD Electronic Switching System audio driver
ESCP2MS.DRV Printer driver
ESSFM.DRV Electronic Switching System FM synth driver
ESSMPORT.DRV Electronic Switching System PIO MIDI driver
ESSMPU.DRV Electronic Switching System MPU401 driver
EVX16.DOS Network adapter driver
EWRK3.DOS Network adapter driver
EWRK3.SYS Network adapter driver
EXCEL.XLS Excel 5.0 document template
EXCEL4.XLS Excel 4.0 document template
EXCHANGE.TXT README file for exchange
EXCHNG.CNT Contents for Mail/Exchange help
EXCHNG.HLP Mail/Exchange component
EXCHNG32.EXE Mail/Exchange component
EXP16.DOS Network adapter driver
EXPLORER.EXE 32-bit Shell component
EXPRSS24.DRV Printer driver
EXTRACT.EXE Diamond decompress tool
EXUTIL32.DLL Mail/Exchange component
F71RX503.SPD Printer driver
FAXCOVER.CNT Contents for Cover Page editor help
FAXCOVER.EXE Cover Page editor
FAXCOVER.HLP Cover Page editor help
FAXVIEW.CNT Contents for Fax Viewer help
FAXVIEW.HLP Fax Viewer help
FC.EXE MS-DOS File Compare utility
FD16_700.MPD SCSI driver
FDISK.EXE MS-DOS FDisk utility
FILESEC.VXD File Access Control Manager
FILEXFER.CNT Contents for File Transfer help
FILEXFER.EXE Microsoft File Transfer
FILEXFER.HLP File Transfer help
FILLITUP.ANI Animated cursor
FINDLVCL.EXE Microsoft Network component
FINDMVI.DLL MediaVision support
FINDSTUB.DLL Microsoft Network component
FINSTALL.DLL Font installer
FINSTALL.HLP Font installer help
FMPM.CNT Contents for Win 3.1 Program Manager/File Manager help
FMPM.HLP Win 3.1 File Manager/Program Manager help
FONTEXT.DLL Font Folder Shell Extension
FONTREG.EXE Font Folder Component
FONTS.INF Setup information file for font options
FONTS.MFM PostScript driver
FONTVIEW.EXE Font viewer
FOREST.BMP Wallpaper bitmap
FORMAT.COM MS-DOS disk-format utility
FRAMEBUF.DRV Super VGA display driver
FREECELL.CNT Contents for Freecell Game help
FREECELL.EXE Freecell Game
FREECELL.HLP Freecell Game help
FREELANC.PRE Freelance document template
FTE.DLL VoiceView File Transfer Engine
FTMAPI.DLL Microsoft Network component
FTMCL.EXE Microsoft Network component
FTP.EXE File Transfer Protocol TCP utility
FTSRCH.DLL DLL for Windows 95 help
FUJI24.DRV Printer driver
FUJI9.DRV Printer driver
FYI.CPE Fax cover page that reads &quot;For your information&quot;
GATOR.BMP Wallpaper bitmap
GDI.EXE Mini-Win 3.1 GDI for use by setup
GDI32.DLL 32-bit GDI
GENERAL.IDF General MIDI instrument
GENERIC.CPE General-purpose fax cover page
GENFAX.APD Microsoft Fax support
GOODTIMS.AVI Sample video
GROUPPOL.DLL Group policy support
GROUPPOL.INF Group policy setup information
GROUPPOL.REG Group policy registry
GRPCONV.EXE Windows Program Group Converter
GUIDE.EXE Microsoft Network component
GUIDENAV.NAV Microsoft Network component
HALFTONE.BMP Wallpaper bitmap
HAND.ANI Animated cursor
HELP_1.CUR Cursor
HELP_2.CUR Cursor
HELP_3.CUR Cursor
HELP_4.CUR Cursor
HELP_5.CUR Cursor
HIMEM.SYS MS-DOS Himem driver
HOMEBASE.DLL Microsoft Network component
HONEY.BMP Wallpaper bitmap
HORSE.ANI Animated cursor
HOSTS.SAM TCP configuration
HOUNDS.BMP Wallpaper bitmap
HOURGLAS.ANI Animated cursor
HP_3D522.SPD Printer driver
HP_3P522.SPD Printer driver
HP1200C.ICM Printer profile
HP1200C1.SPD Printer driver
HP1200PS.ICM Printer profile
HP3SI523.SPD Printer driver
HP4M_V4.SPD Printer driver
HP4ML_V4.SPD Printer driver
HP4MP_V4.SPD Printer driver
HP4MV_V4.SPD Printer driver
HP4PLUS4.SPD Printer driver
HP4SI_V4.SPD Printer driver
HPALERTS.DLL HP JetAdmin support
HPARRKUI.DLL HP JetAdmin support
HPCLRLSR.ICM Printer profile
HPCOLA.DLL HP JetAdmin support
HPCOLOR.DLL Printer driver
HPDESK.ICM Printer profile
HPDMIPX.DLL HP JetAdmin support
HPDSKJET.DRV Printer driver
HPEISA.VXD Network adapter driver
HPFEND.DOS Network adapter driver
HPFEND.VXD Network adapter driver
HPIID522.SPD Print driver
HPIII522.SPD Print driver
HPIIP522.SPD Print driver
HPISA.VXD Network adapter driver
HPJAHLP.CNT Contents for JetAdmin program help
HPJD.DLL HP JetAdmin support
HPJDCOM.DLL HP JetAdmin support
HPJDMON.DLL HP JetAdmin support
HPJDNP.DLL HP JetAdmin support
HPJDPP.DLL HP JetAdmin support
HPJDUI.DLL HP JetAdmin support
HPJDUND.DLL HP JetAdmin support
HPJDUND.HLP Help file for JetAdmin program
HPLAN.DOS Network adapter driver
HPLANB.DOS Network adapter driver
HPLANE.DOS Network adapter driver
HPLANP.DOS Network adapter driver
HPLJ_31.SPD Printer driver
HPLJ_3D1.SPD Printer driver
HPLJ_3P1.SPD Printer driver
HPLJP_V4.INF Printer driver setup information
HPLJP_V4.SPD Printer driver
HPMCA.VXD Network adapter driver
HPNETPRN.INF HP JetAdmin support
HPNETSRV.DLL HP JetAdmin support
HPNW416.DLL HP JetAdmin support
HPNW432.DLL HP JetAdmin support
HPNWPSRV.DLL HP JetAdmin support
HPNWSHIM.DLL HP JetAdmin support
HPPCL.DRV Printer driver
HPPCL5MS.DRV Printer driver
HPPJL.DLL HP JetAdmin support
HPPJLEXT.DLL HP JetAdmin support
HPPJXL31.SPD Printer driver
HPPLOT.DRV Printer driver
HPPLOT.HLP Printer driver
HPPRARRK.DLL HP JetAdmin support
HPPRARRK.HLP HP JetAdmin support
HPPRNTR.DLL HP JetAdmin support
HPPRNTR.HLP HP JetAdmin support
HPPROPTY.EXE HP Alerts MFC application
HPPRRUSH.DLL HP JetAdmin support
HPPRUI.DLL HP JetAdmin support
HPRUSHUI.DLL HP JetAdmin support
HPSNMP.DLL HP JetAdmin support
HPTABS.DLL HP JetAdmin support
HPTRBIT.DLL HP JetAdmin support
HPVBIT.DLL HP JetAdmin support
HPVCM.HPM Printer driver
HPVDJC.HLP Printer driver
HPVIOL.DLL Printer driver
HPVMON.DLL Printer driver
HPVRES.DLL Printer driver
HPVUI.DLL Printer driver
HPWIZ.DLL HP JetAdmin support
HPXL300.ICM Printer profile
HPXL30PS.ICM Printer profile
HSFLOP.PDR HSFLOP virtual device
HYPERTRM.CNT Contents for Terminal help
HYPERTRM.EXE Terminal application
HYPERTRM.HLP Terminal help
I82593.DOS Network adapter driver
IB401917.SPD Printer driver
IB401939.SPD Printer driver
IB402917.SPD Printer driver
IB402939.SPD Printer driver
IBM20470.SPD Printer driver
IBM238X.DRV Printer driver
IBM239X.DRV Printer driver
IBM30505.SPD Printer driver
IBM31514.SPD Printer driver
IBM4039.SPD Printer driver
IBM4039P.SPD Printer driver
IBM4079.SPD Printer driver
IBM5204.DRV Printer driver
IBMPPDSL.DRV Printer driver
IBMTOK.DOS Network adapter driver
IBMTOK.VXD Network adapter driver
IBMTOK4.VXD Network adapter driver
ICCVID.DLL Video for Windows Cinepaq codec
ICM.INF Image Color Matching setup information
ICM32.DLL Image Color Matching
ICMP.DLL Image Color Matching
ICMUI.DLL Image Color Matching user interface
ICONLIB.DLL Icon Library
IFSHLP.SYS Installable File System helper driver
IFSMGR.VXD Installable File System Manager
IMAGEDIT.EXE Image Editor cursors
IMAGEDIT.HLP Image Editor cursors
IMCLIENT.DLL Microsoft Network component
IMM32.DLL Win32 IMM application programming interface
INBOX.EXC Mail/Exchange component
INDICDLL.DLL Multilingual component
INFORMS.WPF Document template
INSTBE.BAT Microsoft Network component
INSTL50.DLL DEC Pathworks support
INSTL51.DLL DEC Pathworks support
INT13.VXD INT13 virtual device
INTERNAT.EXE Multilingual component
INTL.CPL Control Panel
IOS.INI Network server-based setup
IOS.VXD IOS virtual device
IOSCLASS.DLL CD-ROM and Disk Class installer
IR32_32.DLL Video for Windows Indeo codec
IRMATR.DOS Network adapter driver
IRMATRAC.VXD Network adapter driver
ISAPNP.VXD ISA Plug and Play enumerator
ISO.CPI DOS fonts for character mapping
JETADMIN.CPL Hewlett-Packard JetAdmin Control Panel applet
JETADMIN.EXE Hewlett-Packard JetAdmin utility
JETADMIN.HLP JetAdmin help
JOY.CPL Joystick Control Panel
JOYSTICK.INF Multimedia setup information
JP350.DRV Printer driver
KBDBE.KBD Belgian keyboard layout
KBDBR.KBD Brazilian keyboard layout
KBDCA.KBD French-Canadian keyboard layout
KBDDA.KBD Danish keyboard layout
KBDDV.KBD U.S. Dvorak keyboard layout
KBDFC.KBD Canadian bilingual keyboard layout
KBDFI.KBD Finnish keyboard layout
KBDFR.KBD French keyboard layout
KBDGK.KBD Greek keyboard layout
KBDGR.KBD German keyboard layout
KBDGR1.KBD German IBM keyboard layout
KBDIC.KBD Icelandic keyboard layout
KBDIT.KBD Italian keyboard layout
KBDLA.KBD Latin-American keyboard layout
KBDNE.KBD Dutch keyboard layout
KBDNO.KBD Norwegian keyboard layout
KBDPO.KBD Portuguese keyboard layout
KBDRU.KBD Russian keyboard layout
KBDSF.KBD Swiss-French keyboard layout
KBDSG.KBD Swiss-German keyboard layout
KBDSP.KBD Spanish keyboard layout
KBDSW.KBD Swedish keyboard layout
KBDUK.KBD U.K. keyboard layout
KBDUS.KBD U.S. keyboard layout
KBDUSX.KBD U.S. multilingual keyboard layout
KDCOLOR1.SPD Printer driver
KERNEL32.DLL 32-bit kernel
KEYB.COM MS-DOS KeyB utility
KEYBOARD.DRV Win 3.1 keyboard for Setup Mini-Win 3.1
KEYBOARD.INF Keyboard setup information file
KEYBOARD.SYS MS-DOS keyboard driver
KEYBRD2.SYS MS-DOS keyboard driver
KYOCERA.DRV Printer driver
L100_425.SPD Printer driver
L200_471.SPD Printer driver
L300_471.SPD Printer driver
L500_493.SPD Printer driver
LABEL.EXE MS-DOS Disk Label utility
LARIAL.TTF Large Arial fonts
LARIALBD.TTF Large Arial Bold font
LARIALBI.TTF Large Arial Bold Italic font
LARIALI.TTF Large Arial Italic font
LAYOUT.INF Disk Layout file
LCD.CPI DOS fonts for character-mapping
LCOUR.TTF Large Courier New font
LCOURBD.TTF Large Courier New Bold font
LCOURBI.TTF Large Courier New Bold Italic font
LCOURI.TTF Large Courier New Italic font
LEAVES.BMP Wallpaper bitmap
LFNBK.EXE Long Filename Backup utility
LGINT.DLL Microsoft Network component
LH330__1.SPD Printer driver
LH530__1.SPD Printer driver
LH630__1.SPD Printer driver
LICENSE.HLP License Agreement help
LICENSE.TXT License Agreement text
LIGHTS.EXE Modem Monitor applet
LINKINFO.DLL Windows Volume tracking
LMHOSTS.SAM TCP configuration
LMOUSE.DRV Logitech mouse driver
LMOUSE.VXD Logitech mouse driver
LMSCRIPT.EXE LAN Manager script processor
LMSCRIPT.PIF LAN Manager script processor
LOCALE.INF Codepage setup information
LOCALE.NLS Local information
LOGGER.VXD Logging for Unimodem
LOGIN.EXE Microsoft Windows 95 login stub for NetWare
LOGOS.SYS Shutdown logo
LOGOW.SYS Shutdown logo
LOTUS.WK4 Lotus document template
LPT.VXD Parallel port VCOMM driver
LPTENUM.VXD Parallel-port enumerator
LTIMES.TTF Large Times New Roman font
LTIMESBD.TTF Large Times New Roman Bold font
LTIMESBI.TTF Large Times New Roman Bold Italic font
LTIMESI.TTF Large Times New Roman Italic font
LWNT_470.SPD Printer driver
LWNTX470.SPD Printer driver
LZ32.DLL 32-bit LZ compression
MACHINE.INF Machine setup information
MAILMSG.DLL Microsoft Network component
MAILOPT.INF Mail/MAPI Setup File for CD-only options
MAILUTIL.DLL Microsoft Network component
MANTAL24.DRV Printer driver
MANTAL9.DRV Printer driver
MAPI.DLL Mail/Exchange component
MAPI32.DLL Mail/Exchange component
MAPIABM.DLL CompuServe MAPI provider
MAPIF0.CFG Mail/Exchange component
MAPIF0L.ICO Mail/Exchange component
MAPIF0S.ICO Mail/Exchange component
MAPIF1.CFG Mail/Exchange component
MAPIF1L.ICO Mail/Exchange component
MAPIF1S.ICO Mail/Exchange component
MAPIF2.CFG Mail/Exchange component
MAPIF2L.ICO Mail/Exchange component
MAPIF2S.ICO Mail/Exchange component
MAPIF3.CFG Mail/Exchange component
MAPIF3L.ICO Mail/Exchange component
MAPIF3S.ICO Mail/Exchange component
MAPIF4.CFG Mail/Exchange component
MAPIF4L.ICO Mail/Exchange component
MAPIF4S.ICO Mail/Exchange component
MAPIF5.CFG Mail/Exchange component
MAPIF5L.ICO Mail/Exchange component
MAPIF5S.ICO Mail/Exchange component
MAPIF6.CFG Mail/Exchange component
MAPIF6L.ICO Mail/Exchange component
MAPIF6S.ICO Mail/Exchange component
MAPIF7.CFG Mail/Exchange component
MAPIF7L.ICO Mail/Exchange component
MAPIF7S.ICO Mail/Exchange component
MAPIF8.CFG Mail/Exchange component
MAPIF8L.ICO Mail/Exchange component
MAPIF8S.ICO Mail/Exchange component
MAPIRPC.REG Mail/Exchange component
MAPISP32.EXE Mail/Exchange component
MAPISRVR.EXE Mail/Exchange component
MAPISVC.INF Mail/Exchange component
MAPIU.DLL Mail/Exchange component
MAPIU32.DLL Mail/Exchange component
MAPIWM.TPL Mail/Exchange component
MAPIX.DLL Mail/Exchange component
MAPIX32.DLL Mail/Exchange component
MARLETT.TTF Font for System Glyphs
MCIAVI.DRV Multimedia driver
MCICDA.DRV MCI CD audio driver
MCIPIONR.DRV MCI Laser Disc driver
MCISEQ.DRV MCI Sequencer driver
MCM.DLL Microsoft Network component
MDGCHGO.BIN Network adapter driver
MDGCHGO.VXD Network adapter driver
MDGMPORT.BIN Network adapter driver
MDGMPORT.SYS Network adapter driver
MDISP32.EXE Mail/Exchange component
MDISP32.REG Mail/Exchange component
MDISP32.TLB Mail/Exchange component
MDMATI.INF ATI modem-setup information
MDMATT.INF AT&amp;T modem-setup information
MDMAUS.INF Australian modem-setup information
MDMBOCA.INF Boca Research modem-setup information
MDMCOMMU.INF Communicate modem-setup information
MDMCPI.INF CPI (Viva) modem-setup information
MDMCPQ.INF Compaq modem-setup information
MDMDGITN.INF Digicom S.p.A. modem-setup information
MDMDSI.INF Digicom modem-setup information
MDMEURO.INF EURO modem-setup information
MDMEXP.INF EXP modem-setup information
MDMGATEW.INF Gateway 2000 modem-setup information
MDMGEN.INF Generic modem-setup information
MDMGVC.INF GVC modem-setup information
MDMHAYES.INF Hayes modem-setup information
MDMINFOT.INF Infotel modem-setup information
MDMINTEL.INF Intel modem-setup information
MDMINTPC.INF Intel PCMCIA modem-setup information
MDMMCOM.INF Microcom modem-setup information
MDMMETRI.INF Metricom modem-setup information
MDMMHRTZ.INF Megahertz modem-setup information
MDMMOTO.INF Motorola modem-setup information
MDMMTS.INF MultiTech modem-setup information
MDMNOVA.INF NovaLink modem-setup information
MDMOSI.INF Ositech modem-setup information
MDMPACE.INF Pace Micro modem-setup information
MDMPNB.INF P.N.B. modem-setup information
MDMPP.INF Practical Peripherals modem-setup information
MDMRACAL.INF Racal modem-setup information
MDMROCK.INF Rockwell modem-setup information
MDMROCK2.INF Rockwell modem-setup information
MDMSIER.INF Sierra Semiconductor modem-setup information
MDMSNITN.INF Sysnet modem-setup information
MDMSONIX.INF Sonix modem-setup information
MDMSPEC.INF Spectrum modem-setup information
MDMSUPRA.INF Supra modem-setup information
MDMTDK.INF TDK modem-setup information
MDMTELBT.INF Telebit modem-setup information
MDMTI.INF Texas Instruments modem-setup information
MDMTOSH.INF Toshiba/Noteworthy modem-setup information
MDMUSRCR.INF U.S. Robotics Courier modem-setup information
MDMUSRSP.INF U.S. Robotics Sportster modem-setup information
MDMUSRWP.INF U.S. Robotics WorldPort modem-setup information
MDMZOOM.INF Zoom modem-setup information
MDMZYP.INF Zypcom modem-setup information
MDMZYXEL.INF ZyXEL modem-setup information
MEMMAKER.EXE MS-DOS MemMaker utility
MEMMAKER.HLP MS-DOS MemMaker utility help
MEMMAKER.INF Setup information file for MemMaker
MESH.BMP Wallpaper bitmap
MF.INF Multi Function Setup
MF3216.DLL Enhanced Meta File to Windows Metafile converter
MFCANS32.DLL WordPad and Paint DLL
MFCUIA32.DLL OLE2 Common Dialogs
MFCUIW32.DLL OLE2 Common Dialogs
MFCUIX.HLP OLE2 Common Dialogs help
MFOSI.INF Ositech PCMCIA modem/Ethernet-setup information
MGA.DRV Matrox MGA display driver
MGA.VXD Matrox MGA minivdd
MIDI.INF Plug and Play MIDI device information
MIDIMAP.CFG MIDI Mapper configuration
MLCFG32.CPL Mail/Exchange component
MLSET32.EXE Mail/Exchange component
MLSHEXT.DLL Microsoft Shell Extension Library
MMCI.DLL Media Class Installer
MMDEVLDR.VXD Plug and Play Dev Loader
MMDRV.HLP Multimedia help
MMFMIG32.DLL Mail/Exchange component
MMMIXER.DLL Media Vision Mixer APIs
MMOPT.INF Setup information file for CD multimedia components
MMSOUND.DRV Multimedia driver
MMSYS.CPL Multimedia CPL Applet
MMSYSTEM.DLL Multimedia System Core
MMTASK.TSK Multimedia Background Task Switcher
MMVDIB12.DLL Microsoft Network component
MNB22G15.ICM Monitor profile
MNB22G18.ICM Monitor profile
MNB22G21.ICM Monitor profile
MNEBUG15.ICM Monitor profile
MNEBUG18.ICM Monitor profile
MNEBUG21.ICM Monitor profile
MNP22G15.ICM Monitor profile
MNP22G18.ICM Monitor profile
MNP22G21.ICM Monitor Profile
MODE.COM MS-DOS Mode utility
MODEM.CPL Modem Control Panel
MODEMS.INF Main modem setup information
MODEMUI.DLL Unimodem property sheet
MONITOR.INF Monitor setup information
MONITOR2.INF Monitor setup information
MONITOR3.INF Monitor setup information
MONITOR4.INF Monitor setup information
MORE.COM MS-DOS More utility
MORICONS.DLL MS-DOS application icons
MOS.INF Microsoft Network component
MOSABP32.DLL Microsoft Network component
MOSAF.DLL Microsoft Network component
MOSCC.DLL Microsoft Network component
MOSCFG32.DLL Microsoft Network component
MOSCL.DLL Microsoft Network component
MOSCOMP.DLL Microsoft Network component
MOSCP.EXE Microsoft Network component
MOSCUDLL.DLL Microsoft Network component
MOSFIND.DLL Microsoft Network component
MOSMISC.DLL Microsoft Network component
MOSMUTIL.DLL Microsoft Network component
MOSRXP32.DLL Microsoft Network component
MOSSHELL.DLL Microsoft Network component
MOSSTUB.DLL Microsoft Network component
MOSVIEW.EXE Microsoft Network component
MOTOWN.INF Multimedia setup information
MOUSE.CNT Contents for Mouse Control Panel help
MOUSE.DRV Mouse driver
MOUSE.HLP Mouse Control Panel help
MOUSE.TXT README file for Mouse
MOVE.EXE MS-DOS Move utility
MOVE_1.CUR Cursor
MOVE_2.CUR Cursor
MOVE_3.CUR Cursor
MOVE_4.CUR Cursor
MOVE_5.CUR Cursor
MPCCL.DLL Microsoft Network component
MPLAYER.CNT Contents for Media Player context-sensitive help
MPLAYER.EXE Media Player
MPLAYER.HLP Media Player help
MPR.DLL WIN32 Network Interface DLL
MPREXE.EXE Win32 Network Interface Service Process
MPRSERV.DLL Multinet router
MRCI2.VXD Real-time compression interface
MSAB32.DLL Network AddressBook for Microsoft Network
MSACM.DRV ACM wave-mapper
MSBASE.INF Setup information
MSCDROM.INF Class installer setup information
MSD.EXE Micosoft Diagnostics utility
MSD.INI Microsoft Diagnostics initialization
MSDET.INF System Detection setup information
MSDISP.INF Display setup information
MSDLC.EXE Data Link Control protocol
MSDOS.INF Setup information
MSFDC.INF Floppy disk controller setup information
MSFS.CNT Contents for Mail/Exchange Internet help
MSFS.HLP Mail/Exchange Internet component
MSFS32.DLL Mail/Exchange component
MSG711.ACM ACM codec
MSGSRV32.EXE Windows 32-bit virtual device message system
MSHDC.INF Hard disk controller setup information
MSHEARTS.CNT Contents for Hearts help
MSHEARTS.EXE Hearts game
MSHEARTS.HLP Hearts help
MSJSTICK.DRV Plug and Play joystick driver
MSMIXMGR.DLL Microsoft Audio Mixer Manager
MSMOUSE.INF Mouse setup information
MSMOUSE.VXD MS Mouse minidriver
MSN.CNT Microsoft Network help
MSN.HLP Microsoft Network component
MSN.MSN Microsoft Network component
MSN.TXT README file for Microsoft Network
MSNBBS.HLP Microsoft Network component
MSNCHAT.HLP Microsoft Network component
MSNDUI.DLL Microsoft Network component
MSNET.DRV Microsoft Network real-mode client
MSNET32.DLL Microsoft 32-bit Network API Library
MSNEXCH.EXE Microsoft Network setup program
MSNFIND.EXE Microsoft Network Find program
MSNFULL.HLP Microsoft Network help
MSNINT.HLP Microsoft Network help
MSNMAIL.HLP Microsoft Network help
MSNP32.DLL Network provider for Microsoft Network
MSNPSS.CNT Contents for Microsoft Network help
MSNPSS.HLP Microsoft Network help
MSNVER.TXT Version information for Microsoft Network
MSOPL.VXD MSOPL virtual device
MSPAINT.CNT Contents for Paint help
MSPAINT.EXE Paint applet
MSPAINT.HLP Paint help
MSPCIC.DLL PCMCIA Class Installer and Control Panel Applet
MSPORTS.INF Comm setup information
MSPP32.DLL Print provider for Microsoft Network
MSPST32.DLL Mail/Exchange component
MSPWL32.DLL Password list management library
MSRLE32.DLL Run Length encoded codec driver
MSSBLST.DRV Sound Blaster driver
MSSBLST.VXD Sound Blaster driver
MSSHRUI.DLL Shell extensions for sharing
MSSNDSYS.DRV Windows Sound System driver
MSSNDSYS.VXD Windows Sound System VxD
MSSOUND.WAV Microsoft startup sound wave
MSSP.VXD Pass-through security provider for Windows NT
MSTCP.DLL TCP user interface
MSUCIARE.WAV Sample wave file
MSVCRT20.DLL WordPad and Paint DLL
MSVFW32.DLL Video for Windows Runtime
MSVIDC32.DLL Video for Windows Video 1 codec
MSVIDEO.DLL Video for Windows Runtime
MSVIEWUT.DLL Service data-link libraries for display engines
MSWD6_32.WPC WinWord 6 converter for WordPad
MT_TI101.SPD Printer driver
MTD.INF PCMCIA flash-card setup information
MTLITE.DRV Printer driver
MULLANG.INF Multi-language font-support setup information
MULTILNG.INF Multilingual content setup information
MUSICA~1.WAV Sample audio file
MUSICA~2.WAV Sample audio file
MUSICA~3.WAV Sample audio file
MUSICA~4.WAV Sample audio file
MUSICAAS.WAV Sample audio file
MUSICACL.WAV Sample audio file
MUSICACR.WAV Sample audio file
MUSICADE.WAV Sample audio file
MUSICAER.WAV Sample audio file
MUSICAEX.WAV Sample audio file
MUSICAMA.WAV Sample audio file
MUSICAME.WAV Sample audio file
MUSICAMI.WAV Sample audio file
MUSICAOP.WAV Sample audio file
MUSICAQU.WAV Sample audio file
MUSICAWI.WAV Sample audio file
MVCL14N.DLL MediaView API Library
MVI401.DRV MediaVision ProAudio MPU401
MVI514MX.DRV MediaVision ProAudio Spectrum
MVIFM.DRV MediaVision FM Synthesis
MVIFM.PAT MediaVision FM Patches
MVIWAVE.DRV Audio driver
MVMIXER.DRV MediaVision ProAudio Spectrum driver
MVPAS.VXD MediaVision Multifunction device
MVPR14N.DLL MediaView Image Library
MVPROAUD.DRV MediaVision ProAudio Spectrum driver
MVTTL14C.DLL Viewer Title API Library
MVUT14N.DLLL MediaView Utility Library
N2090522.SPD Printer driver
N2290520.SPD Printer driver
N890_470.SPD Printer driver
N890X505.SPD Printer driver
NAL.DLL Network monitor agent SMS client
NATURE~1.WAV Sample audio file
NATURE~2.WAV Sample audio file
NATUREAS.WAV Sample audio file
NATURECL.WAV Sample audio file
NATURECR.WAV Sample audio file
NATUREDE.WAV Sample audio file
NATUREER.WAV Sample audio file
NATUREEX.WAV Sample audio file
NATUREMA.WAV Sample audio file
NATUREME.WAV Sample audio file
NATUREMI.WAV Sample audio file
NATUREOP.WAV Sample audio file
NATUREQU.WAV Sample audio file
NATURERE.WAV Sample audio file
NATUREWI.WAV Sample audio file
NCC16.DOS Network adapter driver
NCCPS401.SPD Printer driver
NCCPS801.SPD Printer driver
NCOL_519.SPD Printer driver
NCR53C9X.MPD SCSI driver
NCRC700.MPD SCSI driver
NCRC710.MPD SCSI driver
NCRC810.MPD SCSI driver
NCS29901.SPD Printer driver
NCSW_951.SPD Printer driver
NDDEAPI.DLL Windows for Workgroups DDE Share interface
NDDENB.DLL Microsoft Windows Network DDE NetBIOS interface
NDIS.VXD Windows NDIS 3.1 Wrapper
NDIS2SUP.VXD Windows NDIS Real-Mode Mapper
NDIS30.DLL Network monitor agent SMS client
NDIS39XR.DOS Network adapter driver
NDIS89XR.DOS Network adapter driver
NDISHLP.SYS Real-mode NDIS support driver
NE1000.DOS Network adapter driver
NE1000.SYS Network adapter driver
NE2000.DOS Network adapter driver
NE2000.SYS Network adapter driver
NE3200.BIN Network adapter driver
NE3200.DOS Network adapter driver
NE3200.SYS Network adapter driver
NEC24PIN.DRV Printer driver
NET.EXE Real-mode network client software
NET.INF Net Detection information
NET.MSG Network client message
NET3COM.INF Network setup information
NETAMD.INF Network setup information
NETAPI32.DLL 32-bit network API DLL
NETAUXT.INF MS internal transports
NETBEUI.VXD 32-bit NetBEUI protocol
NETBW.INF Network setup information
NETCABLE.INF Network setup information
NETCD.INF Network setup information
NETCDA.INF Network setup information
NETCEM.INF Network setup information
NETCLI.INF Network setup information
NETCLI3.INF Network setup information
NETCPL.CPL Network Control Panel
NETCPQ.INF Network setup information
NETDDE.EXE Windows Network Dynamic Data Exchange
NETDEC.INF Network setup information
NETDEF.INF Network setup information
NETDET.INI NetWare detection
NETDI.DLL Net Device Installer
NETEE16.INF Network setup information
NETEVX.INF Network setup information
NETFLEX.INF Network setup information
NETFLX.BIN Network adapter driver
NETFLX.DOS Network adapter driver
NETFLX.SYS Network adapter driver
NETGEN.INF Network adapter driver
NETH.MSG Network client help messages
NETHP.INF Network setup information
NETIBM.INF Network setup information
NETIBMCC.INF Network setup information
NETMADGE.INF Network setup information
NETMON.386 Network monitor agent SMS client
NETMON.INF Network monitor agent SMS client
NETNCR.INF Network setup information
NETNICE.INF Network setup information
NETNOVEL.INF Network setup information
NETOLI.INF Network setup information
NETOSI.INF Network setup information
NETPPP.INF Network setup information
NETPROT.INF Network setup information
NETRACAL.INF Network setup information
NETSERVR.INF Network setup information
NETSETUP.ADM Network server-based setup
NETSETUP.DLL Network server-based setup
NETSETUP.EXE Network server-based setup
NETSETUP.INF Network server-based setup
NETSETUP.LAY Network server-based setup
NETSILC.INF Network setup information
NETSMC.INF Network setup information
NETSMC32.INF Network setup information
NETSMCTR.INF Network setup information
NETSNIP.INF Network setup information
NETSOCK.INF Network setup information
NETSUSRC.INF Network setup information
NETTCC.INF Network setup information
NETTDKP.INF Network setup information
NETTRANS.INF Network setup information
NETTULIP.INF Network setup information
NETUB.INF Network setup information
NetWare.MS NetWare stubs
NETWATCH.CNT Contents for NetWatcher help
NETWATCH.HLP Net Watcher help
NETWORK.HLP Network help file
NETWORK.TXT README file for network information
NETXIR.INF Network setup information
NETZNOTE.INF Network setup information
NI5210.DOS Network adapter driver
NI6510.DOS Network adapter driver
NICE.VXD Windows Virtual NICE PCMCIA Network Card driver
NLSFUNC.EXE National Language Support utility
NM95SETP.DLL Network monitor agent/SMS client
NMAGENT.EXE Network monitor agent/SMS client
NMAGENT.INF Network monitor agent/SMS client
NMSUPP4.386 Network monitor agent/SMS client
NMTHUNK.DLL Network monitor agent/SMS client
NO_1.CUR Cursor
NO_2.CUR Cursor
NO_3.CUR Cursor
NO_4.CUR Cursor
NO_5.CUR Cursor
NO_L.CUR Cursor
NO_M.CUR Cursor
NODRIVER.INF Plug and Play device information
NOTEPAD.CNT Contents for Notepad help
NOTEPAD.HLP Notepad help
NSCL.VXD NSCL virtual device
NTDLL.DLL Win32 NTDLL core component
NW16.DLL NetWare client
NWAB32.DLL Address book provider
NWLINK.VXD 32-bit IPX/SPX-compatible protocol
NWLSCON.EXE Login-script console
NWLSPROC.EXE NetWare login processor
NWNBLINK.VXD NetBIOS for IPX/SPX-compatible protocol
NWNET32.DLL NetWare client
NWNP32.DLL NetWare component
NWPP32.DLL NetWare component
NWREDIR.VXD NetWare redirector
NWRPLTRM.COM ROLM processing language support
NWSP.VXD NCP server security provider
O5241503.SPD Printer driver
O5242503.SPD Printer driver
OAK.VXD Oak Technology minivdd
OCTK16.SYS NDIS3 driver
OCTK32.VXD NDIS 3 driver
ODIHLP.EXE NetWare client
OKI24.DRV Printer driver
OKI830US.SPD Printer driver
OKI840US.SPD Printer driver
OKI850US.SPD Printer driver
OKI9.DRV Printer driver
OKI9IBM.DRV Printer driver
OKOL8701.SPD Printer driver
OL830525.SPD Printer driver
OL840518.SPD Printer driver
OL850525.SPD Printer driver
OLE2.INF OLE setup information
OLE2CONV.DLL QuickDraw Graphic Import filter
OLE2DISP.DLL OLE 2.1 16/32 Interoperability Library
OLE2NLS.DLL OLE 2.1 16/32 Interoperability Library
OLE32.DLL 32-bit OLE 2.0 component
OLEAUT32.DLL OLE 2-32 automation
OLECLI.DLL Object Linking and Embedding Client Library
OLECLI32.DLL Win32 OLECLI32 core component
OLECNV32.DLL 32-bit OLE 2.0 component
OLEDLG.DLL Microsoft Windows OLE 2.0 User Interface support
OLESVR.DLL Object Linking and Embedding Server Library
OLESVR32.DLL Win32 OLESVR32 core component
OLETHK32.DLL OLE Thunk Library
OLIDM24.DRV Printer driver
OLIDM9.DRV Printer driver
OLITOK.DOS Network adapter driver
OLITOK16.DOS Network adapter driver
ONLSTMT.EXE Microsoft Network component
ONLSTMT.HLP Microsoft Network component
P351SX2.DRV Printer driver
P4455514.SPD Printer driver
PA3DMXD.DRV MediaVision ProAudio 3D Mixer driver
PACKAGER.CNT Contents for Packager help
PACKAGER.EXE Packager applet
PACKAGER.HLP Packager help
PAINTJET.DRV Printer driver
PANSON24.DRV Printer driver
PANSON9.DRV Printer driver
PAP54001.SPD Printer driver
PAP54101.SPD Printer driver
PARALINK.VXD Remote Network Access parallel-port driver
PARITY.VXD PARITY virtual device
PASSWORD.CPL Password Control Panel
PBRUSH.EXE Stub for Win 3<I>.x</I> Paintbrush
PC2X.MPD SCSI driver
PCI.VXD PCI bus driver
PCNTN3.VXD Network adapter driver
PCNTND.DOS Network adapter driver
PCSA.EXE DEC Pathworks support file
PE2NDIS.DOS Network adapter driver
PE3NDIS.EXE Network adapter driver
PE3NDIS.VXD Network adapter driver
PEN_1.CUR Cursor
PEN_2.CUR Cursor
PEN_3.CUR Cursor
PEN_4.CUR Cursor
PEN_5.CUR Cursor
PEN_L.CUR Cursor
PEN_M.CUR Cursor
PENDIS.DOS Network adapter driver
PERF.VXD System Performance Monitor
PHIIPX.SPD Printer driver
PHONE.PBK Microsoft Network component
PIANO.ANI Animated cursor
PIFCONV.EXE Support for MS-DOS mode
PIFMGR.DLL Program Information File Management services
PING.EXE TCP Ping utility
PJLMON.DLL PostScript bidirectional port monitor
PKPD.DLL Ink support for PenWin
PKPD32.DLL 32-bit ink support for PenWin
PMSPL.DLL LAN Manager application programming interface
POINTER.DLL MS Mouse support
POINTER.EXE MS Mouse support
POLEDIT.CNT Contents for System Policy editor help
POLEDIT.EXE System Policy editor
POLEDIT.HLP System Policy editor help
POLEDIT.INF System Policy editor setup information
POWER.DRV Advanced Power Management driver
POWERCFG.DLL Advanced Power Management Control Panel
POWERPNT.PPT Power Point document template
PPM.VXD Microcom parallel port modem driver
PPPMAC.VXD Windows Virtual PPP driver
PRECOPY.INF Information file used by setup.exe stub
PRESENTA.SHW Document template
PRINT.EXE MS-DOS Print utility
PRINTERS.TXT README file for Printers information
PRO4.DOS Network adapter driver
PRO4AT.DOS Network adapter driver
PRODINV.DLL Microsoft Network component
PROGMAN.CNT Contents for Program Manager help
PROGMAN.EXE Program Manager
PROGMAN.HLP Program Manager help
PROPRINT.DRV Printer driver
PROPRN24.DRV Printer driver
PRORAPM.DWN Network adapter driver
PROTEON.VXD Network adapter driver
PROTMAN.DOS Network adapter driver
PROTMAN.EXE Real-mode NDIS protocol manager
PRTUPD.INF Printer upgrade setup information
PS1.DRV Printer driver
PS4079.ICM Printer profile
PSCRIPT.DRV PostScript Printer driver
PSCRIPT.HLP PostScript printer driver help
PSCRIPT.INI PostScript .INI file information
PSMON.DLL PS BiDi port monitor
PSTRIPE.BMP Wallpaper bitmap
PYRAMID2.BMP Wallpaper bitmap
Q2200_MS.SPD Printer driver
Q2210_MS.SPD Printer driver
Q2220523.SPD Printer driver
Q800_MS.SPD Printer driver
Q810_MS.SPD Printer driver
Q810T_MS.SPD Printer driver
Q820_MS.SPD Printer driver
Q820T517.SPD Printer driver
Q860PLS2.SPD Printer driver
QBASIC.EXE Microsoft QBasic interpreter
QBASIC.HLP Microsoft QBasic help
QCS1000.SPD Printer driver
QCS10503.SPD Printer driver
QCS30503.SPD Printer driver
QEMMFIX.VXD Fix for older versions of QEMM
QIC117.VXD Backup applet virtual device
QM1700_1.SPD Printer driver
QM2000_1.SPD Printer driver
QM825MR1.SPD Printer driver
QMPS4101.SPD Printer driver
QMS10030.ICM Printer profile
QMS1725.SPD Printer driver
QMS3225.SPD Printer driver
QMS420.SPD Printer driver
QMS45252.SPD Printer driver
QMS860.SPD Printer driver
QMS8P461.SPD Printer driver
QMSCS210.SPD Printer driver
QMSCS230.SPD Printer driver
QUATTRO.WB2 Quattro document template
QUIETJET.DRV Printer driver
QWIII.DRV Printer driver
RAINBOW.ANI Animated cursor
RASAPI16.DLL Remote Access Services 16-bit API Library
RASAPI32.DLL Remote Access Services 32-bit API Library
RCV0000.EFX Information about SprintFax services
README.TXT README file for Windows 95
REBOOT.VXD REBOOT virtual device
REDBRICK.BMP Wallpaper bitmap
REDIR32.EXE Console App Redirection utility
REDIRECT.MOD Console App Redirection utility
REDTILE.BMP Wallpaper bitmap
REGEDIT.CNT Contents for RegEdit help
REGEDIT.EXE Registry editor
REGEDIT.HLP Registry editor help
REGSERV.EXE Remote registry
REGSRV.INF Remote registry
REGWIZ.EXE Registration wizard
RESTORE.EXE MS-DOS Restore utility for MS-DOS 6<I>.x</I> backup
RICHED.DLL Rich Edit DLL for use with WritePad
RICHED32.DLL Rich Edit Control
RINGIN.WAV Audio file
RINGOUT.WAV Audio file
RIVETS.BMP Wallpaper bitmap
RIVETS2.BMP Wallpaper bitmap
RMM.PDR RMM virtual device
RNA.INF Used by Setup to install Remote Network Access
RNAAPP.EXE Dial-up networking application
RNAL.DLL Network monitor agent SMS client
RNANP.DLL Dial-Up Networking Notifier
RNAPLUS.INF Setup information file for SLIP and dial-up script support
RNASERV.DLL Remote Network Access server
RNASETUP.DLL Remote Network Access setup DLL
RNATHUNK.DLL Remote Network Access Thunk Support DLL
RNAUI.DLL Remote Network Access user interface DLL
RNDSRV32.DLL Render server
ROBOTZAS.WAV Sample sound file
ROBOTZCL.WAV Sample sound file
ROBOTZCR.WAV Sample sound file
ROBOTZDE.WAV Sample sound file
ROBOTZER.WAV Sample sound file
ROBOTZEX.WAV Sample sound file
ROBOTZMA.WAV Sample sound file
ROBOTZME.WAV Sample sound file
ROBOTZMI.WAV Sample sound file
ROBOTZOP.WAV Sample sound file
ROBOTZQU.WAV Sample sound file
ROBOTZRE.WAV Sample sound file
ROBOTZWI.WAV Sample sound file
ROMAN.FON Font file
RPCLTC1.DLL Remote Procedure Call libraries
RPCLTC3.DLL Remote Procedure Call libraries
RPCLTC5.DLL Remote Procedure Call libraries
RPCLTC6.DLL Remote Procedure Call libraries
RPCLTS3.DLL Remote Procedure Call libraries
RPCLTS5.DLL Remote Procedure Call libraries
RPCLTS6.DLL Remote Procedure Call libraries
RPCNS4.DLL Remote Procedure Call libraries
RPCPP.DLL Remote Procedure Call Print Provider
RPCRT4.DLL Remote Procedure Call libraries
RPCSS.EXE Remote Procedure Call Endpoint mapper
RPLBOOT.SYS Remote Program Load
RPLIMAGE.DLL Remote Program Load disk image maker
RPLIMAGE.EXE Remote Program Load disk image maker
RSRC16.DLL Resource Meter
RSRC32.DLL Resource Meter
RSRCMTR.EXE Resource Meter
RSRCMTR.INF Resource Meter
RUMOR.EXE DDE test/game
RUNDLL.EXE Runs a DLL as an application
RUNDLL32.EXE 32-bit Shell component
RUNONCE.EXE RunOnce wrapper for setup
S3.DRV S3 display driver
S3.VXD S3 virtual device
SACLIENT.DLL Microsoft Network component
SAMPLE VIDEOS Sample video file
SAND.BMP Wallpaper bitmap
SAPNSP.DLL Winsock data-link library
SAVE32.COM TSR used by setup
SB16.VXD Sound Blaster 16 virtual device
SB16SND.DRV Sound Blaster 16 Driver
SBAWE.VXD Sound Blaster AWE virtual device
SBAWE32.DRV Sound Blaster AWE Driver
SBFM.DRV Sound Blaster 16 Driver
SCANDISK.BAT Replacement stub for MS-DOS 6<I>.x</I> Scandisk
SCANDISK.EXE Disk diagnostic tool
SCANDISK.INI Disk diagnostic tool
SCANDISK.PIF PIF to launch Scandisk from setup
SCANDSKW.EXE Disk-repair tool
SCANPROG.EXE Stub to launch Scandisk during setup
SCANPST.EXE Personal Folders Scan
SCANPST.HLP Personal Folders Scan help
SCCVIEW.DLL Service DLL for Display Engines
SCRNSAVE.SCR Screen saver
SCSI.INF SCSI setup file
SCSI1HLP.VXD SCSI support file
SCSIPORT.PDR SCSI port virtual device
SECUR32.DLL Microsoft Win32 Security Services
SECURCL.DLL Microsoft Network component
SEIKO24E.DRV Printer driver
SEIKOSH9.DRV Printer driver
SELECT.EXE DEC Pathworks configuration-selection utility
SERENUM.VXD Serial-port enumerator
SERIAL.VXD Serial-port VCOMM driver
SERIALUI.DLL Serial-port property sheet
SERIFE.FON Font file
SERIFF.FON Font file
SERVER.HLP Server help
SETUP.BIN Setup support
SETUP.BMP Setup Wash BitMap
SETUP.EXE Setup program for Windows 95
SETUP.INF Setup information
SETUP.TXT README file for setup
SETUP4.DLL Setup support
SETUPPP.INF Setup information
SETUPX.DLL Setup support
SETUPX.DLL Setup services/extensions DLL
SETVER.EXE MS-DOS SetVer utility
SF4029.EXE Printer driver
SHARE.EXE MS-DOS Share utility
SHELL.DLL Win 3.1 Shell DLL used by setup
SHELL.INF Shell setup information
SHELL.NEW Win 4.0 Shell DLL
SHELL.VXD Shell virtual device
SHELL2.INF Color schemes
SHELL3.INF Cursor schemes
SHELL32.DLL Windows Shell Common DLL
SHSCRAP.DLL Shell Scrap and Docshortcut viewer
SIGNUP.EXE Sign-up application for Microsoft Network component
SIZE1_1.CUR Cursor
SIZE1_2.CUR Cursor
SIZE1_3.CUR Cursor
SIZE1_4.CUR Cursor
SIZE1_5.CUR Cursor
SIZE1_L.CUR Cursor
SIZE1_M.CUR Cursor
SIZE2_1.CUR Cursor
SIZE2_2.CUR Cursor
SIZE2_3.CUR Cursor
SIZE2_4.CUR Cursor
SIZE2_5.CUR Cursor
SIZE2_L.CUR Cursor
SIZE2_M.CUR Cursor
SIZE3_1.CUR Cursor
SIZE3_2.CUR Cursor
SIZE3_3.CUR Cursor
SIZE3_4.CUR Cursor
SIZE3_5.CUR Cursor
SIZE3_L.CUR Cursor
SIZE3_M.CUR Cursor
SIZE4_1.CUR Cursor
SIZE4_2.CUR Cursor
SIZE4_3.CUR Cursor
SIZE4_4.CUR Cursor
SIZE4_5.CUR Cursor
SIZE4_L.CUR Cursor
SIZE4_M.CUR Cursor
SIZENESW.ANI Animated cursor
SIZENS.ANI Animated cursor
SIZENWSE.ANI Animated cursor
SIZEWE.ANI Animated cursor
SKPSFA_1.SPD Printer driver
SLAN.DOS Network adapter driver
SLCD32.MPD SCSI driver
SLENH.DLL Advanced power management options
SMALLE.FON Font file
SMALLF.FON Font file
SMARTDRV.EXE MS-DOS startup utility
SMARTND.DOS Network adapter driver
SMC_ARC.DOS Network adapter driver
SMC3000.DOS Network adapter driver
SMC8000.DOS Network adapter driver
SMC8000W.VXD Network adapter driver
SMC80PC.VXD Network adapter driver
SMC8100.DOS Network adapter driver
SMC8100W.VXD Network adapter driver
SMC8232.DOS Network adapter driver
SMC8232W.VXD Network adapter driver
SMC9000.DOS Network adapter driver
SMC9000.VXD Network adapter driver
SNAPSHOT.VXD Snapshot virtual device
SNDREC32.EXE Sound recorder
SNDVOL32.CNT Contents for Mixer Controls context-sensitive help
SNDVOL32.EXE Mixer Controls
SNDVOL32.HLP Mixer Controls help
SNIP.VXD Network adapter driver
SNMP.INF SNMP agent setup information
SOCKET.VXD Windows Virtual Socket network card driver
SOL.CNT Contents for Solitaire help
SOL.EXE Solitaire game
SOL.HLP Solitaire help
SORT.EXE MS-DOS Sort utility
SOUNDREC.CNT Contents for Sound Recorder context-sensitive help
SOUNDREC.HLP Sound Recorder help
SPAP.VXD Shiva PAP virtual driver
SPLITTER.VXD NetBIOS gateway group name-splitter
SPOOL32.EXE Printer support
SPOOLER.VXD Print-sharing virtual device
SPOOLSS.DLL Spooler Sub System DLL
SQUARES.BMP Wallpaper bitmap
SSFLYWIN.SCR Screen saver
SSMARQUE.SCR Screen saver
SSMYST.SCR Screen saver
SSSTARS.SCR Screen saver
STAR24E.DRV Printer driver
STAR9E.DRV Printer driver
START.EXE Program Starter
STATE.PBK Microsoft Network component
STDOLE32.TLB OLE 2-32 file
STEM0409.DLL DLL used for Windows 95 help
STLS04SS.SPD Printer driver
STLS08LP.SPD Printer driver
STLS5TTU.SPD Printer driver
STORAGE.DLL OLE Storage Management Library
STRN.DOS Network adapter driver
SUBST.EXE MS-DOS Subst utility
SUFAIL.BAT SmartRecovery warning
SUHELPER.BIN Setup support
SUPERVGA.DRV Super VGA display driver
SUPPORT.TXT PSS support info
SVCPROP.DLL Microsoft Network component
SVRAPI.DLL 32-bit Common Server API Library
SXCIEXT.DLL Matrox display driver support file
SYMBOL.TTF Symbol font
SYNCENG.DLL 32-bit file sync engine
SYNTHGM.SBK Sound Blaster AWE general MIDI wavetable
SYS.COM MS-DOS System utility
SYSCLASS.DLL System Class Class installer
SYSDETMG.DLL System Detection Library
SYSDM.CPL System Control Panel applet
SYSEDIT.EXE System editor
SYSLOGO.RLE System logo
SYSMON.CNT Contents for System Monitor help
SYSMON.EXE System Performance Monitor
SYSMON.HLP System Monitor help
SYSTEM.DRV Mini-Win 3.1 Standard Mode
SYSTHUNK.DLL Windows System Thunk Library
SYSTRAY.EXE Advanced Power Managment and PCMCIA tray application
T128.MPD SCSI driver
T13B.MPD SCSI driver
T160.MPD SCSI driver
T20N3.VXD Network adapter driver
T20ND.DOS Network adapter driver
T30N3.VXD Network adapter driver
T30ND.DOS Network adapter driver
T338.MPD SCSI driver
T348.MPD SCSI driver
T358.MPD SCSI driver
TADA.WAV Sample wave file
TAPI.DLL Telephony API
TAPI.INF Telephony API setup information file
TAPI32.DLL 32-bit thunks to TAPI.DLL
TAPIEXE.EXE Telephony API component
TAPIINI.EXE Telephony API component
TASKMAN.EXE Task manager
TCCARC.DOS Network adapter driver
TCCTOK.DOS Network adapter driver
TCTOKCH.VXD Network adapter driver
TELEPHON.CPL Telephony Control Panel applet
TELEPHON.HLP Telephony help
TELNET.EXE Telnet application
TELNET.HLP Telnet help
TESTPS.TXT PostScript test
TEXTCHAT.EXE Microsoft Network component
THATCH.BMP Wallpaper bitmap
THATCH2.BMP Wallpaper bitmap
THEMIC~1.WAV Sample audio file
THINKJET.DRV Printer driver
THREED.VBX Windows 95 Tour
TI850.DRV Printer driver
TIM17521.SPD Printer driver
TIM35521.SPD Printer driver
TIMEDATE.CPL Time/date Control Panel
TIMES.TTF Times font
TIMESBD.TTF Times Bold font
TIMESBI.TTF Times Bold Italic font
TIMESI.TTF Times Italic font
TIMEZONE.INF Setup information
TIMLP232.SPD Printer driver
TK200172.SPD Printer driver
TK220171.SPD Printer driver
TKP200I2.SPD Print driver
TKP220I1.SPD Printer driver
TKP2SDX1.SPD Printer driver
TKP300I1.SPD Printer driver
TKPH4801.SPD Printer driver
TKPHZR22.SPD Printer driver
TKPHZR32.SPD Printer driver
TLNK.DOS Network adapter driver
TLNK3.DOS Network adapter driver
TLNK3.VXD Network adapter driver
TMV1.MPD SCSI driver
TOOLHELP.DLL 16-bit developer helper
TOSHIBA.DRV Printer driver
TOUR.EXE Tour files
TOURANI.DLL Tour files
TOURSTR.DLL Tour files
TPHA200I.ICM Printer profile
TPHAIII.ICM Printer profile
TREE.COM MS-DOS Tree utility
TREEEDCL.DLL Microsoft Network component
TREENVCL.DLL Microsoft Network component
TRIUMPH1.SPD Printer driver
TRIUMPH2.SPD Printer driver
TSD32.DLL Audio Compression Manager
TSENG.DRV Tseng ET4000 W32 display driver
TSENG.VXD Tseng minivdd
TSSOFT32.ACM Audio Compression Manager codec
TTY.DRV Printer driver
TTY.HLP TTY printer driver help
U9415470.SPD Printer driver
UBNEI.DOS Network adapter driver
UBNEI.VXD Network adapter driver
UBNEPS.DOS Network adapter driver
ULTRA124.MPD SCSI driver
UMDM16.DLL Universal Modem Driver component
UMDM32.DLL Universal Modem Driver component
UNICODE.BIN Unicode mapping tables
UNICODE.NLS Unicode mapping tables
UNIDRV.DLL Microsoft Universal Printer Driver library
UNIDRV.HLP Help for Universal Printer Driver
UNIMDM.TSP Unimodem TAPI service provider
UNIMODEM.VXD Universal Modem Driver
UP_1.CUR Cursor
UP_2.CUR Cursor
UP_3.CUR Cursor
UP_4.CUR Cursor
UP_5.CUR Cursor
UP_L.CUR Cursor
UP_M.CUR Cursor
URGENT.CPE Fax cover page that reads &quot;Urgent!&quot;
USER.EXE Mini Win 3.1 User.Exe for use by setup
USER32.DLL 32-bit user
UTOPIA~1.WAV Sample audio file
UTOPIA~2.WAV Sample audio file
UTOPIA~3.WAV Sample audio file
UTOPIA~4.WAV Sample audio file
UTOPIAAS.WAV Sample audio file
UTOPIACL.WAV Sample audio file
UTOPIACR.WAV Sample audio file
UTOPIADE.WAV Sample audio file
UTOPIAER.WAV Sample audio file
UTOPIAEX.WAV Sample audio file
UTOPIAMA.WAV Sample audio file
UTOPIAME.WAV Sample audio file
UTOPIAMI.WAV Sample audio file
UTOPIAOP.WAV Sample audio file
UTOPIAQU.WAV Sample audio file
UTOPIARE.WAV Sample audio file
UTOPIAWI.WAV Sample audio file
V86MMGR.VXD V86MMGR virtual device
VAMPIRE.AVI Sample video file
VBRUN300.DLL Tour files
VCACHE.VXD VCache virtual device
VCD.VXD Virtual COM driver
VCDFSD.VXD VCDFSD virtual device
VCOND.VXD Win-32 console
VDEF.VXD VDEF virtual device
VDHCP.386 DHCP virtual device for TCP/IP
VDMAD.VXD VDMAD virtual device
VER.DLL Setup Mini Win 3.1 16-bit versioning DLL
VER.DLL Setup Mini Win 3.1 16-bit versioning DLL
VER.NEW Version checking and file-installation libraries
VERSION.DLL 32-bit versioning DLL
VERX.DLL Version DLL for use by setup
VFAT.VXD VFAT file system
VFD.VXD Floppy disk virtual device
VFLATD.VXD Virtual flat-frame buffer virtual device
VGA.DRV VGA display driver
VGA.DRV Win 3.1 VGA display driver for Setup Mini Win 3.1
VGA850.FON Font file
VGAFIX.FON Font file
VGAFIX.FON Font file
VGAFULL.3GR Combined VGA/DIB 386 enhanced-mode display component
VGAOEM.FON Font file
VGAOEM.FON Font file
VGASYS.FON Font file
VGASYS.FON Font file
VIDCAP.INF Plug and Play VCD information
VIDEO7.VXD Video Seven virtual device
VIP.386 Virtual IP device for TCP/IP
VJOYD.VXD Joystick virtual device
VKD.VXD Virtual keyboard device
VLB32.DLL Mail/Exchange component
VMCPD.VXD VMCPD virtual device
VMD.VXD Win3.1 virtual mouse driver
VMM.VXD Virtual memory manager device
VMM32.VXD Virtual memory manager device
VMOUSE.VXD Virtual mouse driver
VMPOLL.VXD VMPOLL virtual device
VMVID.VXD MediaVision ProAudio 3D device
VNBT.386 NetBIOS transport driver for TCP/IP
VNETSUP.VXD Network support virtual device
VOLTRACK.VXD Volume tracker virtual device
VPASD.VXD MediaVision ProAudio Spectrum device
VPD.VXD Virtual LPT driver
VPICD.VXD Virtual Programmable Interrupt Controller device
VPMTD.386 VPMTD virtual device
VPOWERD.VXD Advanced power management virtual device
VREDIR.VXD 32-bit client for Microsoft Networks
VSAMI.DLL AMI file parser
VSASC8.DLL ASCII file parser
VSBMP.DLL BMP file parser
VSD.VXD VSD virtual device
VSDRW.DLL Micrografx Draw file parser
VSERVER.VXD 32-bit server for Microsoft Networks
VSFLW.DLL Freelance for Windows file parser
VSGIF.DLL GIF file parser
VSHARE.VXD 32-bit Share virtual device driver
VSMP.DLL Multiplan file parser
VSMSW.DLL Win Write file parser
VSPP.DLL PowerPoint parser
VSQPW2.DLL Chart for Quattro Pro for Windows
VSRTF.DLL RTF file parser
VSTIFF.DLL TIFF file parser
VSW6.DLL Word 6 file parser
VSWK3.DLL 1-2-3 file parser
VSWK4.DLL 1-2-3 file parser
VSWKS.DLL 1-2-3 file parser
VSWMF.DLL Metafile file parser
VSWORD.DLL Word file parser
VSWORK.DLL Works file parser
VSWP5.DLL WordPerfect 5 file parser
VSWP6.DLL WordPerfect 6 file parser
VSWPF.DLL WordPerfect 4.2 file parser
VSXL5.DLL Excel 3 5 file/chart parser
VT600480.SPD Printer driver
VTCP.386 Virtual TCP driver for TCP/IP
VTD.VXD VTD virtual device
VTDAPI.VXD VTDAPI virtual device
VTDI.386 Support for the Transport driver interface
VUDP.386 Support for User Datagram protocol
VWIN32.VXD Ring-0 32-bit API support
VXDLDR.VXD Virtual device driver loader
W_OVER.CNT Contents for Windows 95 Tour help
W_TOUR.CNT Contents for Windows 95 Tour help
WAIT_1.CUR Cursor
WAIT_2.CUR Cursor
WAIT_3.CUR Cursor
WAIT_4.CUR Cursor
WAIT_5.CUR Cursor
WAVE.INF Plug and Play Wave Device information
WD.DRV Western Digital display driver
WD.VXD Western Digital virtual device
WD7000EX.MPD SCSI driver
WEAVE2.BMP Wallpaper bitmap
WELCOME.EXE Welcome application
WELCOME.SHG Microsoft Network component
WFM0200.ACV Sound Blaster AWE codec
WFM0200A.CSP Sound Blaster AWE codec
WFM0201.ACV Sound Blaster AWE codec
WFM0201A.CSP Sound Blaster AWE codec
WFM0202.ACV Sound Blaster AWE codec
WFM0202A.CSP Sound Blaster AWE codec
WFM0203.ACV Sound Blaster AWE codec
WFM0203A.CSP Sound Blaster AWE codec
WGPOADMN.DLL Mail/Exchange component
WGPOCPL.CPL Mail/Exchange component
WIN.INI For Miniwin 3.1 setup
WIN32S16.DLL Base file for application compatibility
WIN87EM.DLL 80387 math-emulation libraries
WIN95BB.DLL Windows 95 Setup BillBrd DLL
WINCHAT.CNT Contents for Chat help
WINCHAT.EXE Chat applet
WINDOWS.CNT Contents for Windows 95 help
WINDOWS.HLP Windows 95 help
WINFILE.CNT Contents for File Manager help
WINFILE.EXE Windows for Workgroups File Manager
WINFILE.HLP File Manager help
WINFLAG.ANI Animated cursor
WINGDING.TTF Wingdings font
WINHELP.EXE Windows Help launcher
WINHLP32.CNT Contents for WinHlp32 help
WINHLP32.EXE Windows help
WINHLP32.HLP WIndows help
WININIT.EXE Windows initialization
WINIPCFG.EXE TCP/IP Configuration utility
WINLOGO.BMP Wallpaper bitmap
WINMINE.CNT Contents for Minesweeper help
WINMINE.EXE Minesweeper game
WINMINE.HLP Minesweeper game help
WINMM.DLL Multimedia Thunks
WINNET16.DLL Multinet Router Helper for 16-bit WinNet drivers
WINNEWS.TXT WinNews information
WINPOPUP.CNT Contents for Popup utility help
WINPOPUP.EXE Popup utility
WINPOPUP.HLP Popup utility help
WINPOPUP.INF Popup utility setup information
WINREG.DLL Remote registry support
WINSETUP.BIN Setup stub for setup from Windows
WINSOCK.DLL Socket API for Windows
WINSPL16.DRV Printer driver
WINVER.40 Windows Version utility
WINVER.CDA Windows Version utility
WINVER.EXE Windows Version utility
WINVER.INF Windows Version utility setup information
WINVER.MAP Windows Version utility
WINVER.OCF Windows Version utility
WINVER.OCU Windows Version utility
WINVER.OCX Windows Version utility
WINVER.ODF Windows Version utility
WINVER.OFF Windows Version utility
WINVER.OFU Windows Version utility
WINVER.OUX Windows Version utility
WINVER.RCU Windows Version utility
WINVER.RFF Windows Version utility
WINVER.RFU Windows Version utility
WINVER.RNU Windows Version utility
WINVER.SYM Windows Version utility
WINWORD.DOC Word document template
WINWORD2.DOC Word document template
WMSFR32.DLL Mail/Exchange component
WMSUI32.DLL Mail/Exchange component
WNASPI32.DLL 32-bit ASPI for Windows DLL
WNPP32.DLL Print Provider for Old WinNet drivers
WORDPAD.CNT Contents for WordPad help
WORDPAD.EXE WritePad Applet
WORDPAD.HLP Wordpad help
WORDPAD.INF WritePad Setup
WORDPFCT.WPD Word document template
WORDPFCT.WPG Word document template
WORDPFCT.WPW Word document template
WPS_UPDT.DLL Updates for existing Workplace Shell drivers
WPSAPD.DLL Windows Printing System APD Library
WPSMON16.DLL WPS Monitor Thunk DLL
WPSUNI.DRV Fax driver
WPSUNIRE.DLL WPS Host Resource Executor
WRITE.EXE Stub for Windows Write applet
WRITE32.WPC Write converter
WSASRV.EXE Windows Sockets Asynchronous Request Server
WSHTCP.VXD Windows Sockets TCP helper driver
WSIPX.VXD Windows Sockets IPX driver
WSOCK.VXD Windows Sockets virtual device driver
WSOCK32.DLL 32-bit Socket API for Windows
WSTCP.VXD Windows Sockets TCP driver
WSVV.VXD Windows Sockets ViewView driver
XCOPY.EXE MS-DOS Xcopy utility
XCOPY32.EXE File Copy program
XGA.DRV XGA display driver
XGA.VXD XGA mini virtual device
XLAT850.BIN Converts between codepage 850 and 1252
ZIGZAG.BMP Wallpaper bitmap