About this website

So you want to find out more about this site…

The Beginnings:

It was started in the early spring on 1995 due to what I saw was a need for detailed and accurate information about the upcoming new operating system, Windows95. I also wanted to learn a little about HTML and about the Web. So I bought the domain and got web hosting. Little did I know how much time it would take to keep this site going. And as far as I know, this is now the longest running Windows site other than Microsoft, and it’s still free.

Main Goal:

The main goal of this site has always been to provide accurate, understandable and easy to find information regarding Windows95, and more recently Windows98, ME, Windows2000 and XP. This has been through two major categories the: Information Sections and Tips

Easy Access to Information:
  1. One of the ways I’ve tried to accomplish this is through the overall structure. Every page is at most only two below the main page. Hopefully this keeps you from needing to drill down into more and more pages before you find the information you need.
  2. Also the use of tables seemed to be the most readable method for displaying instructions that need to be followed in a particular order.
  3. The Google Search Engine should also help you find key-words.

Use of Graphics:

  1. In the effort to make the information quickly available, you will notice that I’ve tried to keep the number of graphics to a minimum.
  2. Most of the graphics that are included are screen shots in the installation and configuration sections. Even these were only those that I felt were necessary and compressed to save download time.
Overall, I want to offer information for the Windows community of users. I’ve continued to offer new information and consequently the content of this site has kept growing over the years. As such, I have not found a single location with as much variety of information and one that has kept that information as current. Hopefully you feel the same.

And just so you know I’m not a newbie …

If you are mentioning this home page in a publication or found it through one, I would appreciate hearing about it.

If you have comments or any further suggestions, please let me know