Windows98 VPN Client


The following page details the steps necessary to create a
Windows98 VPN Connection to a Server

Installing the VPN Adapter

1. Right click on Network Neighborhood
2. Select Properties
3. Click on the Identification tab
4. Change the Workgroup name to be the same as on the VPN server.
5. Click on the Configuration tab
6. Click on the Add button
7. Highlight Adapter
8. Click on the Add button

In the left-hand panel, scroll down to Microsoft

10. In the right-hand panel, highlight Microsoft Virtual Private Networking Adapter
11. If the VPN adapter is not listed, you need to download and install the DUN 1.4 Update (Use the file for whichever version of Win98 you have). Then come back to this location in the instructions.
12. Click on the OK button
13. Reboot when requested
14. Log on with the same name and password that is defined on the VPN server.

Configuring the VPN Adapter

1. Go to Start / Programs / Accessories / Communications / Dial-Up Networking
2. Double-click on the Make New Connection icon
3. Enter in a name that will make sense for you (e.g. Work, Server Name)
4. Under Select a device, make sure Microsoft VPN Adapter is selected
5. Click on the Next button
6. In the Host name or IP Address:, enter the IP address of the server. This is the IP address that can be seen from the Internet, not the LAN IP address.
7. Click on the Next and Finish buttons
8. Right click on the new icon in the Dial-Up Networking section
9. Select Properties
10. Click on the Server Types tab
11. Only have Log on to network & Enable software compression. Check any protocols required by the VPN server.
12. Click on the TCP/IP Settings button
13. If necessary, change any of these. It would depend how how the VPN server is configured whether you need to leave it for a Server Assigned IP address or manually enter one in.
14. Uncheck Use default gateway on remote computer. (This is for faster browsing the web from your own DSL connection instead of using the one on the VPN server.)
15. Click on Ok to bring you back to the main Dial-Up Networking screen.
16. Drag a shortcut for your VPN connection to the desktop
17. Double click on it
18. Enter the same name and password that you logged in with. This should also be the same name and password of the user account that has been granted dial-in permission on the VPN server.


Note: To make browsing work a little easier, you might want to edit the HOSTS and LMHOSTS files. This are the C:\Windows\ directory for Winj9x. Just add a line with the IP address of the server followed by it’s name.

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