Gaming Keyboard Technology

GMK Bento Keyboard Review – Our 2 cents!

Many keyboards and computer aficionados understand why a GMK Bento makes a lot of sense to have. Firstly, GMK's are very popular and have an impact you'll notice immediately. As such, it...
The Best Keyboard Switch

Kaihua Speed Silver Switch Review – How is the quality?

Undoubtedly, there are many switches out there, and the Kaihua Kailh speed silver is one. They have a lot of promise with a vast array of top-quality features and functionalities. Sure, they're...
Redragon K Typing

Redragon K552 Review: Top Budget-Friendly Gaming Keyboard for All Users

With so many brands in the market, you have probably heard about the Redragon K552 gaming keyboard. It doesn’t cost as much as some, but it will no doubt provide some...